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ISLAM: Do we willingly submit to sharia law?

Re: “Freedom of speech sullied and abused” (Kathleen Parker column, 5-11).

Parker attempts to demonize Pamela Geller, organizer of a Muhammad cartoon contest, for having the poor judgment to intentionally insult Muslims.

I don’t understand this, and it seems like many of the same people who take pleasure in insulting Christianity or hating Judaism are the same folks who admonish Geller for provoking Islam, and there is no shortage of people blaming Geller for instigating a deadly confrontation.

If Christians made a practice of killing abortionists, would Parker and those like her call for the abolition of abortion? I’m

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TERRORISM: We helped create Islamic extremism

I was entering the main gate at Joint Base Lewis-McChord Friday, and several security people were conducting a random search on one of the vehicles entering the base.

The unarmed lady who was the car’s driver was about 5 feet tall and a bit elderly. It took three security guys with M-16s to search her car to ensure she and the vehicle were not a threat to national security. A bit of an overkill, in my view.

The biggest threat to national security is not Islamic terrorism but our government and its policies. The reason we have Islamic terrorism is because we can’t stop meddling

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RELIGION: Christians face genocide in the Middle East

Christians in the world face genocide. The world is shown the pictures of Coptic Christians beheaded by ceremonial dressed executioners.

The radical Muslims in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere are executing, torturing, raping and enslaving Christians and others who do not convert to their interpretation of Muslim worship. In Paris, the radical Muslims executed several groups of Christians and Jews.

Our American president at each execution deplores the violence in a few sentences. Recently at a Christian prayer in Washington, D.C., the president reminded the Christian audience of the century-old Crusades and Inquisition executions and suggested Christians think of their own

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ISLAM: Solution must start with Muslims

Re: “Condemnation of Islam is the wrong course” (Michael Gerson column, 2-10).

Condemning Islam is counter-productive, but ignoring reality is equally harmful.

Comparing medieval Christianity to radical Islam is naive. The political influence of Christianity has declined since 1648. Islam, on the other hand, is not only a religion, it is also a social construct including a legal code and political system.

Most Muslims oppose al-Qaida and the Islamic State, but that is irrelevant. As long as this minority can wreak havoc in the name of Islam, then Islam has a problem.

We are witnessing the Islamic Reformation. The

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TERROR: Authentic Americans await real leadership

Several weeks ago three radical Muslim terrorists slaughtered French people in Paris while shouting Muslim victory challenges as they leisurely drove away only to be killed later by the French authorities.

The French rallied in a march of millions through the streets of Paris, headed by 40 European leaders to demonstrate solidarity in a Western war against Muslim radical terrorists.

Our American president was not among the Western leaders. By not participating, our liberal president kept most Americans from joining the rest of Europe in demonstrating their unity in fighting the war on radical Muslim terror.

President Obama and the liberal

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EXTREMISM: Fight requires overwhelming force

The restraint in speaking freely about the Islamic extremists will not win the war they wage against the Western world.

How have we won against the forces of tyranny throughout history? Neville Chamberlain’s European policy proved that capitulation is the wrong course. We always have won by a show of overwhelming force with a massive coalition of forces. That sends a big message. It is a united message of overwhelming determination.

It is imperative to show that the defective ideology that fuels the Islamic extremists’ effort is a false one. We must deliver a message to the cultural core of

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ISLAM: Rational Muslims must confront nihilism

The western Christian world again is fighting a religious war.

“My God is the only one, your God makes you an infidel open to beheading, torture, terror attack and whatever other brutality we can dream up sanctioned by our belief” goes the mantra of the Islamic State and other Muslim terror groups.

Where are the rational Muslim voices in this community and other places who condemn openly and counter this nihilistic twisting of their religion? By not speaking up and confronting this adulteration of their belief, they contribute to the image that all Muslims think as ISIS and their kin.


TERRORISM: Israel has long fought radical Islam

The civilized world is at war, and the enemy is radical Islamic terrorism. What happened in France last week is what Israel has experienced for decades from Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

It’s not a coincidence that the Charlie Hebdo attack was followed by a deadly shooting in a Jewish grocery store. As much as radical Islamic terrorist groups hate non-Muslims (and Muslims who don’t agree with them), they particularly hate Jews and Israel.

Hamas rejects a two-state solution and ultimately wants to destroy Israel. If it were possible, it would deal as brutally with Israelis as Islamic State does

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