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GATES: Critic’s concern about honor misplaced

Re: “Gates’ ‘Duty': An honorable man’s act of dishonor” (TNT, 1-14).

I find it fascinating that Cass Sunstein is so concerned with Robert Gates’ honor. After all, Sunstein does note that almost all cabinet-level employees have published tomes regarding their service.

If Gates’ honor is under scrutiny here, perhaps President Obama’s should be as well.

Did Obama breach the trust of the Border Patrol during the Fast and Furious affair? Or how about conservative/libertarians with the IRS scandal? Or how about the four dead Americans that he said were killed because of some obscure video that riled up the

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OBAMA: Leadership gap creates feeling of gloom

I can’t remember a time when such a feeling of gloom has permeated America, and in large part it is because most of us have come to strongly doubt or outright disbelieve what our president tells us or fails to tell us.

The Benghazi cover-up was so blatantly bogus that I almost felt sorry for Susan Rice for having to try to make it sound believable that a movie had led to the massacre of four American citizens. And of course we didn’t retaliate for fear of angering other Muslim terrorists who already hated our guts.

Then we were supposed

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IRS: Identity thieves outsmart the feds

Re:”IRS refunded $4B to identity thieves” (TNT, 11-8).

According to the article, 655 income tax refunds were sent to identity thieves at the same address in Lithuania; 343 income tax refunds were sent to identity thieves at the same address in Shanghai.

Altogether, $4 billion was paid out to identity thieves all over the world and the U.S.

Is anybody at the IRS going to own up to this level of stupidity? And we’re entrusting the IRS to handle Obamacare? If we do that, we may all be more stupid than they are.


SYRIA: Administration isn’t up to this challenge

Syria has been asking for it for 30 some years at least, but this is the only time I’m in favor of gun control: The Obama administration cannot be trusted to effectively fight this war.

Look at its past history of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS and NSA scandals, the train wreck of Obamacare and the narrowly dodged wreck of gun control. I would not trust these guys to honestly or efficiently run a church bingo game.



ENTITLEMENTS: Resist unsustainable extravagances

The Obama administration is driving us into an “entitlement” culture and nation – from top to bottom; which is socialism with a creeping loss of our freedoms, opportunities, privacy and prosperity.

Almost a majority of U.S. residents (legal and illegal) now believe they are entitled to food stamps, health care, housing, K-12 education, transportation, domestic security and international peace (all without any contribution).

This majority now includes the chronic unemployed, labor unionists, many local government workers, the president and his appointees (note the Obama family’s $100 million trip to Africa and top officials’ “conference” soirées to Las Vegas at taxpayers’

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NSA: Everyone else in government lies, why not the NSA?

Regarding the controversy about the NSA data mining phone records, there are those in government and their apologists who tell us, no big deal, the government is only interested in calculating patterns, it won’t monitor the contents of the calls.

And 15-year-old boys read Playboy for the articles. Promise.

We’re asked to have trust in the government, but based on what? Recently, the president, his secretary of state, his attorney general, his ambassador to the United Nations and several high-ranking officers of the IRS, a division of the Department of Treasury, have all been caught lying to the American public.

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IRS: Why the liberal angst about patriots, the Constitution?

IRS targeting of tea party groups is preposterous, but there is a certain Machiavellian logic behind it.

It defies any logic that decent groups with “Constitution” or “Patriot” in their names were also targeted.

By President Obama’s own admission, Democrats were shellacked in the 2010 elections. Liberal stalwarts, including ideologues running amok in the bowels of the IRS, were overwrought with Post-Electoral Stress Trauma. The remedy for afflicted IRS scoundrels was to conjure a diabolical scheme to squelch tea party participation in 2012.

But why do patriots and Constitution aficionados elicit such angst? Liberals are patriotic, so it’s befuddling that

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IRS: What if your politics are targeted next?

The vaccination gambit by Lois Lerner (the Internal Revenue Service’s director of exempt organizations) backfired. Planting an innocuous question during an obscure lawyers conference (TNT, 5-23) probably would have inoculated the administration against this corruption firestorm if each of us did not fear the IRS!

Conservative groups and individuals were targeted for audit and extra scrutiny. Many reading this cheer that activity. This an appeal directly to those who cheer when government authority is used to stifle political activity. What happens when government changes hands and you are targeted?

If this abuse of power is swept under the rug,

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