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IRAQ: A black eye for Obama’s legacy

Any blunt assessment of the mess in the Middle East leaves Barack Obama’s legacy with a black eye.

Of course, on the other side of the aisle are chicken hawks clamoring to send in more troops to bolster their fantasy of a democratic Iraq – and the trillion-plus we spent for the Bush war made it a costly fantasy. So, like Mississippi does for the bottom of any state ranking, Obama can count on history to keep W. between him and the very bottom of presidential failures.

We now see Iraq as it should have been seen before we decided

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IRAN: Nuclear treaty is not just about us

I just returned from a trip to Europe where I discussed international politics with many of my friends there. They are dismayed that the nuclear treaty with Iran is being covered by the U.S. media as if the U.S. and Iran are the only players involved.

In fact, we are only one of many countries involved. Most of the other countries are anxious to end the sanctions on Iran as they are hurting their own economies.

My friends believe that despite what some of our disillusioned politicians think, the sanctions are going to end. The proposed treaty is a chance

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IRAN: Administration’s deal is ridiculous

In our nation’s entire history, there has never been an administration with less credibility than Barack Obama’s. For this administration, the truth seems little more than an unfortunate inconvenience to communicating its utterly incoherent message.

Witness the “agreement” with Iran to curtail its criminal nuclear proliferation. I hope Secretary of State John Kerry at least made the failed Persian state pinkie swear, and that the citizens of Tel Aviv have stocked up on really good sunscreen.

How can you tell when a rogue state or the Obama administration is lying? Their lips are moving.


IRAN: Leaders seek destruction of US, Israel

The first two reasons we can’t trust Iran are the fact that they keep saying “destroying Israel is not negotiable” and they continue to chant “Death to America.” I would think that’s enough for all Americans to say “No” to any deal with Iran.

They hate Israel, and they hate the United States and won’t be happy until we no longer exist. I realize that there are probably thousands of Iranians who are peace-loving people and just want to continue their daily lives like we do, but the powers to be in Iran don’t have the same feelings.

The last

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IRAN: What right do we have to bully others?

Why shouldn’t Iran have a nuclear bomb? We do. We have more of these weapons from hell than any other nation.

What gives us the right to have the ultimate instruments of mass murder and then tell another country it can’t? That isn’t moral authority, it’s bullying. Might makes right: the lowest moral common denominator.

If we had any actual moral authority, we would start dismantling our nuclear weapons, then challenge other nations to do likewise. Peace.


IRAN: Why not just give peace a chance?

Listen, GOP, we get it. The Iran deal could fail miserably. But what if it doesn’t?

We have an opportunity to stop Iran, with diplomacy, from further pursuing a nuclear weapons program and bringing it one step closer to joining the community of nations. This does not cover all our gripes with the regime, but it is a big first step.

So why the GOP opposition? I imagine it’s because it’s not their horse leading the charge. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan both negotiated with the Soviet Union and signed deals with a mistrusted regime could have wiped America off the face

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FOREIGN POLICY: Are we the world’s guardian?

Re: “Obama’s miscues reveals his ignorance” (letter, 3-30).

From my understanding of the writer’s intent, I believe he is suggesting that because of the president’s “ignorance regarding foreign affairs,” we “aren’t working in the best interests of our country” when we refuse to deploy troops wherever the Islamic world is in conflict with other factions of Islam or nonbelievers, whoever they may be.

If we accept the writer’s premise, we would probably have troops (with U.S.-supplied weapons) deployed in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Indonesia, Chechnya, Gaza, Lebanon and a few I missed.

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GOP: The party that gave us war and recession

Re: “Democrats: Governance hurts American prosperity” (letter, 3-22).

The letter writer states that a Republican president will create greater economic prosperity and restore our prominence in the world. He should think about his wish - then consult his history book.
On the watch of the last Republican president:

• Our North American soil was attacked by foreign terrorists on 9-11-01.

• The economy slithered into the worst recession since the Great Depression.

• More than 4,800 of our finest men and women met their deaths because of a still ongoing search for “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. As a result

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