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UKRAINE: 1938 all over again

President Obama made a hot-microphone comment to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in March 2012. Did it include Obama’s focus and his overall approach to foreign policy?

The 2012 election is over. Our global foreign policy was developed after World War II. It has been radically changed. It is in disarray, in a freefall, since the microphone gaffe.

Has President Obama disguised a pull-back plan as a formal agreement between Iran and Israel? The plan allows Iran to continue to develop a nuclear bomb and Israel is forced to go it alone.

As the world stood by Syrian President Assad violated

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MILITARY: Obama’s cuts weaken US defense

It’s not surprising that President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal guts the military. The Democrats have a reputation of being weak on national defense. Have the threats around the world decreased?

Obama is proposing to cut the Army from 522,000 to around 440,000 and reduce benefits for service members and their families. It’s unconscionable that he would make this proposal while we are still at war. Soldiers are coming home with missing limbs and PTSD. Does Obama really appreciate the sacrifices of the military and their families?

Military benefits compensate members for low pay, help maintain an all volunteer force and

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IRAN: Our senators are right on sanctions

Senate Bill 1881 would call for even more severe sanctions on Iran, a move which could doom the opportunity to give diplomacy a chance. Some 59 senators signed on as co-sponsors, although a few are wavering.

The bill is heavily lobbied by AIPAC (America Israel Public Affairs Committee) and strongly urged by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I am glad to see that our two senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, do not support the bill.

The bill would not only increase sanctions but would essentially give Israel a green light to attack Iran should it choose, which could drag

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MIDEAST: McCain wrong about abandoning Iraq

So now al-Qaida has taken over a hunk of Iraq – further proof that our meddling in the Middle East is the biggest mistake we ever made.

Despite all the American blood and money that was poured into Iraq and all the American money poured into Halliburton by Cheney/Bush, Iraq is still not a miniature U.S. Go figure. Nor Afghanistan. Nor will Iran ever be.

These people have been the way they are for centuries, a lot longer than we have been the way we are. And we have actually been the “way we are” for only the last 100

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IRAN: Leaders no more insane than any others

Re: “Keep illusions out of any deal with Iran” (editorial, 11-27).

This editorial is beyond presumptuous, a blend of pop punditry with no deep or accurate knowledge of the country, its contemporary history or its leaders. How dare the writers blithely tell us about the attitudes of the mullahs toward the United States? I seriously doubt that they have indulged in any profound research or academic study on these extraordinarily complicated subjects.

Since the end of World War II, the United States has co-existed with many dangerous and nuclear-armed enemies: the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, our so-called ally

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NEWS: The real world doesn’t look so hopeful

Re: “The real world offers reason for hope” (letter, 11-14).

Huh? The market is so high because the Federal Reserve injects $85 billion of borrowed money into the market every month. When the Fed even mentions that it is “thinking” about tapering, the market drops like a stone instead of floating like the balloon that it is. Can you say $17 trillion debt?

The job numbers are “encouraging” because the government doesn’t count the millions who have had their benefits end. Somehow they know how many “disenchanted” workers are out there, but they don’t count. How does that figure?

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NEWS: The real world offers reason for hope

Whether we get our news from the newspaper or the TV, it’s hard to maintain our faith in America when all we hear and read are negative, self-serving pronouncements coming from the likes of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, John Boehner, Marco Rubio and Lindsay Graham. It seems purveyors of gloom and doom are very much in fashion these days.

And, yet, when we look at the real world, there is reason for hope.

The market is up about 20 percent for the year, job numbers are encouraging, real estate is recovering, universal health care is going through its birthing pains,

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OBAMA: Why does he refuse to negotiate with Congress?

President Barack Hussein Obama is eager to negotiate chemical weapons policy with thugs like Russia’s top dog Vladimir Putin and Syria’s biggest butcher Bashar Assad. Obama is even ready to negotiate nuclear weapons development with Iranian mullahs.

So why is Obama reluctant to negotiate important fiscal issues with Congress like federal debt limits, entitlement reform, discretionary spending cuts, health care policies, defense spending and tax reform?

House Republicans represent the majority of congressional districts in the United States, yet Obama continues to ignore them while trusting the foreign enemy that seeks to destroy our freedom.