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CLICK: Give ‘Plan B’ the chance it deserves

Ever heard of “Plan B”? When Click and the three Tacoma Internet service providers (ISPs) that work with Click met in 2012, it was calculated that if the ISPs could bring in 6,000 new customers in four years, it would make the system profitable.

The ISPs are ahead of schedule and are meeting this agreement, known as “Plan B.” Now the city is being persuaded by a private company that it (the company) should provide our Internet services.

I’ve found Tacoma’s Internet service to be comparatively fast, reasonably priced and customer service to be very good. I say stick with Click; at

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TACOMA: Keep Click for the public good

We, the residents of Tacoma, have an opportunity for a new direction with our own Click network: Let’s provide free basic cable Internet service to all Tacoma Public Utilities customers.

We already have the infrastructure, so what’s stopping us?  We can be the most connected city, the City of Destiny.

Let’s return to free TV. Why are Click customers unnecessarily paying retransmission fees to broadcasters like KING, KIRO and KOMO?

Click can install locally produced antennas for customers at no charge if the broadcasters refuse to participate in a new free cable system. Or we can remove broadcasters from our basic package

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INTERNET: Net neutrality is a nebulous nonissue

It seems that net neutrality proponents have been focused on the possibility that someone working in a garage will get poor performance from his or her Internet service provider, and that a great idea will die on the vine because of it. As a result, they have not seen what the future of scalable computing might look like: cloud computing.

In a cloud-computing environment, entrepreneurs don’t concern themselves with where or how their assigned server space gets access to the Internet or how fast it might be in the early stages of development. The cloud provider not only hosts server

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PRIVACY: US fighting a new kind of war

Regarding Eugene Robinson’s column (TNT, 6-7) about privacy becoming an obsolete commodity, I understand his concern. However, we are at war and sometimes I think we forget that. It is not the battlefield war in Afghanistan. It is being fought here, every day.

The digital age makes it possible to download instructions to make poisons and build bombs. It is not the job of the Internet to do anything but dispense requested information. The morality of those requests is not part of any digital environment, and if it were, we would be concerned about censorship.

We live in a

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INTERNET: Enforce tax or repeal it and start over

A Chicago Tribune editorial (Off the wire, 4-11) supports the notion that “state laws (regarding use taxes on Internet purchases) are hard to enforce.”

We have paid our use tax since arriving in Washington state two years ago (from Idaho, which also has a use tax). This involves requesting a form from the state Department of Revenue and returning it with a list of purchases and a check.

We have not found this particularly hard to do. We keep track of our out-of-state purchases throughout the year. I’m sure other law-abiding people would do this if they knew that

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SHOPPING: Supermarket scams almost amount to legal fraud

I live within two miles of a major grocery chain outlet and while the store is always clean and the employees are very helpful, there is no doubt in my mind that the folks at the upper-management level plot and plan to increase their profit margin by deceiving the public. How?

Card-holding customers are supposed to get a substantial discount on certain items, but when they get to the store the discount prices are often not shown and shoppers (especially seniors) may not remember the brand name and end up purchasing a similar item at a much higher price. And,

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MEDIA: A troubling sign of the times

Re: “New Orleans faces future without daily newspaper” (TNT, 6-24).

It’s sad, troubling news indeed that a major American city will now be without its own daily newspaper. And it happens to be one of the most prestigious, award-winning newspapers in the land – the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

And for those like Sarah Palin who think bloggers and the Internet will fill the information void, guess what? Thirty-six per cent of the people of New Orleans lack access to the Internet.

Imagine Tacoma/Pierce County without a local daily newspaper. Where would you go to stay well-informed?


INTERNET: Employ some critical thinking

Re: “Get the source, not a filter” and “Taxpayers don’t pay UW coach” (letters, 8-16).

These letters should be sobering. Many or most of us are guilty of pushing our viewpoints while either not knowing, cherry-picking or ignoring the facts regarding any particular issue.

The Internet is a wonderful tool. However it is child’s play for anyone to post any information or opinion, reality be damned. And it is natural for all of us to seek out sources that confirm and agree with what we already believe.

Today’s media are not entirely helpful in the search for truth.

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