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INSURANCE: Increased costs, but not services

What is it with the insurance industry? I’ve seen three constant years of premium increases with absolute minimal increases in furtherance of coverage or services. And, it has happened in every realm; health, accident, auto, home, etc.

Haven’t they realized that wages in this country for those who most need the protective blanket are stagnant, that seven of our ten biggest occupations are in the service industry and make less than $30,000 a year?

On and on go the commercials that would mind-bend you into believing the industry is always there for help and service to set you

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HEALTH CARE: Insurers fear cut in profits

Why does the medical insurance industry so adamantly oppose the Affordable Care Act? After all, the act would require 22 million currently uninsured Americans to purchase medical insurance. You’d think that the industry (a legal cartel) would welcome 22 million new paid customers for their very profitable insurance enterprise.

The answer lies not in the one provision of the ACA that is the center of public attention (mandatory insurance coverage), but in another provision that is, conveniently, escaping much attention. That other provision would require the medical insurance cartel to spend “no less than 80 percent of medical insurance premium

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