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I-502: Let’s proceed with caution on marijuana

In response to the passage of Initiative 502, a recent letter writer (TNT, 11-9) suggested we should change the state’s moniker of “The Evergreen State” to “The EverWeed State.” I thought that was humorous and mused that maybe, back in 1933 when alcohol prohibition ended, we should have made the state’s nickname “The Shot-and-a-Beer State.”

While it’s fun to make cute jokes about the much-needed passage of I-502, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is not laughing. The DEA’s very existence depends on substances being banned for the public. The DEA’s salaries, pensions, prestige, health care and other benefits depend

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I-502: Let’s end the anti-pot insanity

In the last century, our nation enacted a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol. Although the law was well-intentioned, we can look back on this act now as a dreadful mistake. Not only did it make criminals out of ordinary citizens who attempted to enjoy alcoholic beverages as they had done for years, it also brought us the scourge of organized crime. We are still suffering from the effects of the advent of the latter.

Eventually in 1933, Prohibition was repealed. But in 1937, our nation enacted another prohibition against a naturally occurring weed, marijuana. In my view, this newer prohibition

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I-502: Parents should vote on legalizing pot

Why do we want Washington to be known as first state to legalize marijuana? Why not be first in the nation on immunization rates, high school graduation rates and universal developmental screening of young kids?

There are nonfinancial, but priceless, reasons why parents should vote no on Initiative 502. Research demonstrates marijuana (THC) damages learning, memory and concentration of developing teens’ brains. If THC is in the home, or in a friend’s home, it will get used by teens.

Additionally, teens don’t know to “use less” because it is a more concentrated product than in the 1970s. If smoked, it

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I-502: Pot measure overly incremental

I am going to vote against the current initiative to legalize marijuana. Not because I think the drug should remain illegal in our society but rather because of the approach the proponents are taking with Initiative 502.

Those proposing the bill specifically state that it does not accomplish all that they wish it would, but that it is the best compromise they can get at this time. They admit that they are seeking incrementalism. They are deliberately pushing society onto a slippery slope.

If, on the other hand, activists would propose a bill that is a reasonable compromise which meets

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I-502: Legalization won’t increase youth pot use

Re: “Juvenile marijuana use: The fatal flaw of Initiative 502” (editorial, 9-16).

I appreciated your editorial, which was generally very supportive of ending marijuana prohibition, but also made the flawed claim that doing so would increase teenagers’ access to marijuana.

As a former felony and misdemeanor prosecutor, I’ve seen how drug use has ruined the lives of many young people. I disagree, however, with your assessment that I-502 will result in increased marijuana use by youth.

Right now there is a total free-for-all out on the streets because of the extent of the black market marijuana trade. Moving to

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POT: I-502 could threaten federal contracts

Re: Initiative 502.

Legalization of marijuana in Washington state for recreational use will unquestionably have detrimental effects on employers, the citizens and ultimately the long-term viability of the state economy. Marijuana use is illegal by federal statute.

If passed into law, I-502 will place employers in an untenable position between state and federal laws. For example, employers that are subject to the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 may lose their ability to bid on federal contracts or receive federal grants. This will have a direct negative economic impact on firms that rely on federal contracts or grants and

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