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I-1163: Legislature must act to fund initiative

Washington voters have supported protecting our seniors and people with disabilities twice in three years. Just last month, more than a million Washingtonians voted yes on Initiative 1163, clearly stating their support.

Despite these efforts, the Legislature has neglected to implement these sound policies regarding home health care workers. We must protect the most vulnerable, and this initiative does just that. The Legislature needs to balance the budget, raise revenue and fund I-1163.


I-1163: Legislature must heed voter will

It’s unbelievable to me that groups are asking the Legislature to suspend funding for Initiative 1163.

Have they forgotten that this is the second time in three years that voters have made home-care safety and training a priority in this state? Or are they simply ignoring the will of voters?

I-1163 passed last month with 65 percent approval; in 2008 it passed with 73 percent approval. It’s time we fund this common-sense initiative.

I have a mother that I provide care for. If something happened to me, I want to feel confident the person coming in to care for her

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I-1163: Parents should be exempt

My 19 year old with autism requires constant supervision and a high level of personal care. My husband and I have successfully cared for him his entire life. The SEIU, however, thinks they should be paid to “train” me.

I completed the 12 required hours, and learned nothing. The SEIU takes three percent of my pay and has forced me to make a “voluntary” deduction to pay for the I-1163 campaign. When I asked them to stop deducting it, I was told I had no choice.

Under I-1163, the SEIU will require even more hours of training for parents, which

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I-1163: Vulnerable seniors need to be protected

Re: “I-1163: Can’t afford it, don’t need it, hurts the state” (Our View, 10-9).

Every time I hear stories of seniors taken advantage of or abused, it makes me cringe. Our grandparents, who have worked their entire lives, deserve to be cared for by people with training and without dangerous backgrounds. That’s why I think that I-1163 should be a priority for this state.

We should be protecting our seniors by doing federal background checks called for in I-1163, not just the state-level checks we do now. This federal background check will prevent felons from other states from coming

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I-1163: Measure can prevent maltreatment

Re “Can’t afford it, don’t need it, hurts the state” (editorial, 10-9)

This editorial states that Initiative 1163 would hurt our state’s economy even more. What about the patients that are going to be hurt or even killed by not having the proper care from professional caregivers?

It is imperative that we have proper background checks on the people caring for our disabled and elderly. This initiative makes it mandatory for all long-term care workers to be properly trained for emergencies as well as how to properly care for the disabled and elderly.

It is estimated that 2.1 million

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I-1163: Measure crafted for union, not the disabled

PAS-Port for Change is a statewide, grass-roots organization that seeks to improve the quality, reliability and availability of personal assistance services in Washington state.

PAS-Port says no on Initiative I-1163.

Proponents of I-1163 claim it provides improved, sufficient, appropriate training for in-home service workers. The Department of Social and Health Services supposedly will absorb the administrative costs and personnel requirements for that training.

In reality, I-1163 proposes unfunded changes to background checks. It institutes unfunded fraud investigations, extensive unfunded training requirements and unfunded audits. I-1163 adds another level of bureaucracy to oversee and track worker training with no accountability to,

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