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I-1100: Chalk up failure to crowded ballot

The recent election has essentially been a primary election for a preferred initiative to relieve state government from its retailing function, i.e, a monopoly on sale of liquor. Two options were offered, practically assuring that neither could win over the status quo. Had voters opposed to the status quo all voted for both corrective options, the matter would likely have ended in the hands of the courts.

Probably, most of us who viewed retailing as a function unsuited to government voted only for our preference of the two corrective options offered and voted against the other. Now that we all

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ELECTION: No on both liquor initiatives

I’m usually in agreement with most of the editorial boards opinions concerning political matters, but I find your stance on initiative 1100 to be more than irresponsible.

This poorly written initiative reminds me of the minimum wage initiative that I winced at when it was put into effect. When you look at the long term consequences of dismantling the state’s control of hard liquor in this fashion, it creates a ripple effect of chaos.

Right now, I’m an employed taxpayer. If 1100 passes, I may be unemployed and on assistance from the state. Businesses that would decide to put hard

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ELECTION: Costco needs to be more up-front on I-1100

I’m a Costco member and received an email from Costco the other day. It was encouraging me to vote for I-1100, the initiative to do away with state controlled liquor stores. The five-page email was carefully worded double talk.

I felt their main issue, particularly, twisted the facts. They stated under the heading I-1100 ends price gouging: “In its search for more cash, the state Liquor Control Board charges a 51.9% markup on liquor”. This is not true. The Legislature has ordered that markup. If the LCB reduced the markup they would be going against the legislature.

The markup is

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ELECTION: Do voters value business over safety?

As a teenager, I know just exactly how easy it is to get my underage hands on alcohol. With the passing of initiatives 1100 and 1105, the ability of teenagers to obtain alcohol will increase tremendously. Do we really want to make it THAT much easier for kids to get their hands on hard liquor, not just beer?

By passing of these initiatives, we are giving high school kids everywhere their dream – easy access. They have the ability to go into a Costco or Safeway and grab hard liquor with a chance they will not be carded – they

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ALCOHOL: Keep the state liquor stores

Large retail companies like Costco would like us to believe that doing away with state liquor stores would save us money. It might save them money but allowing more alcohol into society will almost certainly cost the taxpayers more.

Alberta, Canada, did the same thing some years ago. After a few years of study it was found that there was a significant increase in fetal alcohol syndrome, drukn-driving accidents and mortality as well as a decrease in taxes collected.

Our state liquor stores serve as a curb on demand, if nothing else, and clearly can and probably do benefit our

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LIQUOR: Costco only interested in bottom line

Just how low is a big-box retailer willing to stoop to undermine state authority over alcohol to increase its bottom line? Costco is willing go dangerously low. The retail giant is making its employees gather signatures from customers in Washington for a ballot initiative that would eliminate the state’s control over spirits sales.

Initiative 1100 would remove the state’s role in the sale of alcohol once and for all, as well as remove current restrictions on volume discounts, among other worrisome provisions that would deal a serious blow to state-based alcohol regulation.

Why does Costco want to privatize spirits sales

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