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INFLATION: Retirees’ COLA increases are a joke

With all the local and federal government talk about a need for an increase in the work force minimum hourly wage, how about the government taking a hard look at its yearly cost-of-living increases?

I am a retired federal government employee, and for the past several years I have received a measly cost-of-living increase of less than 2 percent. It really is a joke. I look around me and see my out-of-pocket costs increasing dramatically for food, rent, utilities, medical, etc. The bleeding doesn’t stop.

Each year, many of us are falling farther and farther behind. The current formula the government

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INFLATION: Winners and losers in this game

Your recent editorial (TNT, 7-20)on the gas tax may have left people with the idea that inflation is a constant thing we have to accept. Pardon me for suggesting otherwise, but historically the dollar has suffered from inflation during times of war and after the war regained its previous value.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis has some good information on this history that is worth viewing.

If its figures are accurate, the dollar in 1943 had about the same value as it did in 1801. It has only been since the end of World War II that the

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PAY: Raising wage could lead to inflation

Re: Minimum wage

It never ceases to amaze me that so many people have a complete lack of understanding basic economics.

With the exception of taxes and overhead expenses, the price of all products and services is the direct result of the cost of labor.

Someone is paid for assembling the parts to make a product. Someone is paid to make the parts to make the product. Someone is paid to process the raw material to make the parts. Someone is paid to process the soil to get the raw material to make the parts. Someone is paid to design

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JOBS: Unemployment figures are deceiving

Re: “Tacoman with experience says jobs reports are gold” (TNT, 10-8).

So John Bregger, a former Bureau of Labor Statistics supervisor, is offended by the suggestion that national unemployment figures are manipulated? According to him, the figure is derived through polls and surveys. For that to have any accuracy at all the information gathered has to be true and accurate in every respect, thus leaving the results open to easy manipulation either way.

So exactly what is wrong with basing the result on actual statistics? To think that the federal government doesn’t manipulate figures or “cook the books” is both

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INFLATION: Blame Fed’s disastrous policies

The government – Republicans, Democrats and the president – are all pointing fingers at those they believe are responsible for rising oil prices.

Sure, they can find scapegoats in speculators or oil producers, and sure, they can mislead the country via the media into believing such nonsense. But when one looks further one can see that not only is the price of oil rising but also gold, silver, cotton, wheat, corn and sugar.

For instance, if one were to look at the 20-year chart of cotton prices, one will see that the price  has exploded since July 2010. Commodity

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