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HEALTH CARE: Keep freedom of choice

Re: “The individual mandate” (TNT, 11-27).

Professor Walter Zelman asks,”Why is it so troubling that the government is requiring responsible individuals to purchase what they would purchase anyway?”

As a retired military officer and combat veteran, I was precluded from being actively engaged in political matters for much of my professional life. Now I can publicly answer Zelman’s question.

It is troubling because the freedom of choice that many of us served to protect is being eroded. Whether the health care reform is good or bad for the economy should be decided on its merits.

Some of his questions

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CONSERVATIVES: Their hypocrisy is showing

All the whining about individual mandates and the “nanny state” shows that my conservative friends have no principles beyond attacking the Obama administration (Wyoming lawmakers Sue Wallis and Lisa Shepperson being the exceptions).

The alleged Small Government Conservatives (SGCs) rail about “personal responsibility and freedom” but  love using government to enforce their social engineering agenda.

Women in charge of their bodies vis-à-vis abortion rights? Sorry, the SGCs mandate waiting periods, forced sonograms and hundreds of government regulations.

Right of a citizen to be free from government spying? Sorry, the SGCs expanded the ability of the National Security Agency to wiretap

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