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MASCOTS: Focus on education, not PC

Re: “Board urges schools to drop Indian mascots” (TNT, 9-29).

The state Board of Education needs to be more concerned with quality of education in our schools than worrying about school mascot names with Indian themes such as the Braves, Warriors, etc. Not everyone conjures up a negative image when they see a team using an Indian name. I have always visualized a positive image, a tough Indian warrior on a horse, which is a proud part of Indian heritage.

Let’s examine other mascot names:

• Vikings – Wikipedia describes Vikings as Norse explorers, warriors and pirates who raided,

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FIREWORKS: Rules don’t apply to tribes

Re: “4 communities change fireworks calendar” (TNT, 6-29).

One of the problems we’re having is with illegal fireworks, so why don’t we stop those who sell them? Let’s see, I believe that would be the Indian tribes.

The Indians sell illegal fireworks to whomever wants to buy them. They don’t care where they will be set off or by whom. So we end up with a situation that can’t be controlled.

It’s out of anyone’s control to stop the Indians from selling the fireworks, so it’s going to be out of anyone’s control to stop them from being set off.

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