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Tag: Indian casinos


GAMBLING: Online poker could be a revenue source

Washington state needs to look at licensing and regulating online poker as a new source of revenue.

Our state is already very pro-gambling – with lotteries, scratch tickets, pull tabs and casinos – yet we strengthen laws that make online poker a Class C felony.

It is fine to play at an Indian casino with none of that revenue going to the state. We need to do away with the criminalization of online poker and turn toward licensing and regulation. This would allow a new flow of revenue into the budget at a time when we are cutting essential services.

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BUDGET CUTS: State should get casino money

The state of Washington is falling further and further into debt and cutting more and more vital programs, yet you go by the casinos operated by the Indian tribes and they seem to be doing pretty well.

Why shouldn’t the state of Washington build 10 or so mega-casinos in the 10 largest cities, with slot machines, table, games, shows and restaurants, then use the money that currently goes to the tribes to help out the state of Washington?

We already have the lottery and scratch cards. Just expand the state gambling. The state could hire thousands of people,

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