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BUDGET: Why target poor and middle class?

Re: “Inslee expected to sign $38.2B budget” (TNT, 7-1).

What’s this? We’re solving our state’s economic crisis on the backs of the poor, middle class and workers again.

Why is it always the easy solution? And I hear that we’re still not funding the schools at the level ordered by the state Supreme Court.

Oh, the rich don’t want to pay any more taxes? Well, we don’t either.

It’s amazing to me that we have one of the highest populations of wealthy people in our state, and we have the most regressive tax structure of any state. Of course

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TAXES: State needs more progressive tax system

Re: “Districts chafe at Inslee’s pay increases” (TNT, 2-23).

I am in total agreement that the state should fully fund education. I am a retired teacher and a signature gatherer for Initiative 1351, which passed narrowly last November.

I believe teachers, and for that matter most workers, are underpaid, and I believe the McCleary decision is both correct and that the state Supreme Court should be holding the legislators in contempt unless they work hard to achieve the budget necessary to afford both smaller class sizes and the other McCleary goals.

When I was in Olympia Feb. 19, I

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TAXES: Money state gets isn’t spent correctly

Re: “Lower the sales tax and institute an income tax” (letter, 3-8).

The writer must not be aware of how our state government works. If the state were to ever institute an income tax, it would not lower any other tax ever. It is called “greed.”

The more money this state gets, the more it spends on the wrong things. The transportation budget has been delayed for too long now. There are projects to finish (state Route 167, for one) that just keep getting pushed to the back burner. A state income tax would not guarantee that any of

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TAXES: Lower sales tax and tax income

I think we need to get rid of the sales tax or at least lower it below 5 percent, including all the various county add-on sales tax. Replace it with a state income tax.

Taxes must be raised, not only for education but for infrastructure. You can’t drive a straight line in Tacoma or Seattle because of the potholes. The Republican/Tim Eyman model of less and less tax is turning Washington into a third-rate state. Apparently these people don’t get out of the house or drive much.

In addition there needs to be a public education program that tells the

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BUDGET: Republicans incapable of state business

So we are within days of a possible state shutdown because the policies of the Republican Party are so disgusting that the Legislature is blocked. They refuse to generate the reasonable revenue to run the state and instead opt to run us into the ground. This is completely absurd and unnecessary.

I vote for running Tim Eyman out of Washington on a rail. He is the worst problem facing Washington. For the promise of pocket change he has deceived Washington voters and has made himself wealthy by insulting and denigrating public servants. He’s a for-hire thug, camera-hog crybaby who is

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INCOME TAX: Pro and con of the 16th Amendment

Pro: Scandals overtaking the IRS are an indication of an out-of-control bureaucracy. The founders believed that levying direct taxes would be a threat to liberty. They therefore strictly limited such taxes. The 16th Amendment was necessary to implement the income tax. The result of this was the creation of a bureaucracy too big to control.

The behavior of the IRS is disaster for representative government and free elections. The IRS attacked the grass-roots groups but let the super PACs run amok. The founders were right: Repeal the 16th Amendment or face tyranny!

Con: To repeal the 16th Amendment is to

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TAXES: Higher gas tax hurts poor the most

Re: “Roads proposal would add dime to gas tax” (TNT, 2-21).

Washington needs a state income tax. We are already the state with the most regressive tax structure – that is the poor and working class are paying too much of the tax bill. Adding to the gas tax would only make that worse. And we shouldn’t penalize people who have invested in a fuel-efficient vehicle.

We need a state income tax to make the rich pay their fair share and decrease the tax burden on the poor and working class. I’d suggest starting a state income tax at

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ECONOMY: Revisit how we fund state needs

Education excellence and public safety must be at the top of our list as a state if we wish to compete not only with other states but also within an increasingly globalized world economy. Firing teachers, police officers and firefighters is not the way to build a 21st century economically competitive state.

The time for platitudes and budgetary gimmickry must give way to an open and honest discussion about what type of state we want to be going forward. States that have relied too heavily on real estate and sales tax funding models have been especially hard hit.

It is

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