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TRUMP: Candidate’s views on immigration are curious

Donald Trump’s racist views on immigration makes no sense, unless he hates himself and his beginnings.

According to Wikipedia, Trump’s mother was born on the Isle of Lewis, off the west coast of Scotland. Trump’s paternal grandparents were German immigrants. His grandfather, Frederick Trump, migrated to the United States in 1885 and became a naturalized United States citizen in 1892.

Thanks to the stations that have cancelled his appearance on television due to his lies that degrade Mexican Americans.


GOP: Stop the attacks and get to business

Here we go again. As with health care and now with immigration reform, a Republican majority Congress cannot or will not address this pressing need, so our president must act. And, as with health care, so now with immigration reform, congressional Republicans continue to refuse to tackle this issue.

Instead of doing their jobs and actually drafting legislation to address immigration reform (or health care or anything for that matter), congressional Republicans prefer to threaten to shut down the Department of Homeland Security, putting America’s safety at risk and jeopardizing the morale and financial security of hundreds of thousands of

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POLITICS: Can GOP govern or just gripe?

The Democrats took a beating on Nov. 4. Now how are President Obama and the new Republican Congress going to work together to solve problems?

House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have already given us some clues. Both have indicated they want to overturn Obamacare, depriving millions of newly acquired health care.

The Senate has already passed a bipartisan immigration bill but no votes have been taken in the House. The president wants an immigration bill. The AFL-CIO and the National Chamber of Commerce want an immigration bill. No one wants to continue to deport noncitizen

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IMMIGRATION: What’s really obvious here?

Re: “No one addresses the obvious” (letter, 11-23).

I have grown up and lived in many different places and with many different people in my life. Some tolerant of others, others not so much so.

The writer stated that we should be honest about the problem of illegal immigration. First, the individual seems to have a problem with President Obama enacting the same type of legislation as former presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush and exercising his executive power/right in much the same way as other former presidents.

This individual further states that the immigration problem would be solved by putting a

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OBAMA: Big three networks show their small side

On Thursday, President Obama addressed the nation. His topic - immigration reform - had significant consequences for millions of people living in this country. Depending on how you feel about the issue, his message was either very brave or highly illegal.

Even with all that on the line, not one of the three major television networks deemed the address newsworthy enough to broadcast it live. All stuck with their regular programming for fear of alienating advertisers.

By this single act, all three major television networks (ABC, NBC and CBS) firmly established their irrelevance. Where once they were respected, go-to sources of information, now they are

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IMMIGRATION: No one addresses the obvious

First, some honesty please with regard to illegal immigration.

No one is living in the shadows, unless protesting and giving the bird to immigration cops qualifies. Next, it is not a generational problem, since kids born to illegal immigrants are instant citizens, or “anchor” babies.

Which brings up the obvious: Put a clamp on the southern border. It can be done. Liberals won’t suggest this; they want more Democratic voters, so it’s always part of some “comprehensive” bill that no one ever seems to get around to. Establishment Republicans won’t; their big donors demand labor costs be held down.

We simply

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ELECTION: The American people did not speak

Re: “The American people have spoken” (letter, 11-07).

The American people did not speak in this election. A minority of voters (an estimated 36 percent) spoke. The majority of Americans did speak in 2012 with a 57 percent turnout, but this was ignored.

Money spoke loud and proud with and estimated $3.7 billion spent, most of which was contributed by .2 percent of the population. I guess money is speech, and corporations really are people.

Voter suppression spoke this election. MIDTREVO (Mandatory Identification Targeted to REstrict VOting) and the gutting of the Voting Rights Act gave the conservatives a legal loophole to bypass the

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IMMIGRATION: Time for Obama to work with Republicans

Re: “Obama vows to bypass Congress on immigration” (TNT, 11-6).

The last time I read the Constitution, the president was not in charge of immigration policy. That task belongs to Congress. President Obama continues to threaten Republicans with his executive authority in rewriting immigration policy. Republicans in Congress need to exercise their congressional authority and cut off Obama’s funds. Maybe that will cool his jets.

The president continues to claim a mandate to get things done. The way I see it, the people voted for Republicans because they didn’t like what the president and his party were doing.

Maybe it’s

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