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LICENSES: Why does Washington do this?

Your editorial today (8-17) is reasonable.

I read the same Associated Press article (TNT, 8-15) citing movement to states providing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Though I would rather prevent illegal entrants from entering and staying, Utah’s solution is logical.

Utah ensures its licenses enable driving only, unlike Washington and New Mexico, the only two other states issuing drivers licenses to illegals. Washington and New Mexico issue identical licenses to U.S. citizens and illegal entrants. Those licenses are used as ID in those states.

Washington state uses its driver’s licenses as proof of eligibility to vote, and allows online voter

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IMMIGRATION: Drastic action must be taken

Is there such a thing as a solution to ending the illegal immigration problem that grows every day? Can America stop the flow with anything less than a “shoot-to-kill” border control solution which we all know will never happen?

The only logical solution, short of violence, might be for the U.S. to cut off any and all benefits illegals can receive short of dire emergency medical problems.

After some date certain, say a year after such a federal law was enacted, anyone who provided services of any kind (employment, education, housing, food stamps) to anyone who can’t produce proof of

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