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US: Personal decline is national decline

So this is where the subjectivism of postmodern thought has taken us.

We have tens of thousands of Americans taking part in protest marches or worse, destroying property because of their personal perception of truth (contrary to eyewitness testimony and physical evidence) concerning what happened in Ferguson, Missouri.

We also have a president who says that he doesn’t have the constitutional authority to grant legal status to illegal immigrants, only to turn around and claim, after an executive order doing that very thing, that he never said that.

A society cannot stand, nor can a nation endure, when its people

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HECK: Congressman’s positions are unclear

If you live in the 10th Congressional District, you received the March newsletter from Denny Heck. Keep in mind that Heck was elected to represent us in Washington, D.C,. as a United States congressman.

While we can appreciate his efforts to protect Puget Sound, I’m concerned that the congressman may have become bored with his committee assignments. His newsletter actually has directions on how to scoop dog poop and  landscape your yard, as well as advice on using a commercial car wash vs. washing your car in the driveway.

We’ll take our dogs to a professional dog groomer to protect

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IMMIGRATION: Series trying to win sympathy?

Re: “Center of detention” series.

Obviously much effort went into compiling these pages of what may well be basically an infomercial attempting to garner sympathy for a segment of immigrants while still ignoring that simple word “illegal.”

In fact on Sunday, an immigration lawyer says, “Illegal can mean different things.”

Pardon me? The article continues: “Of the 396,006 people deported nationally last year, only 1,119 had homicide convictions.”

Is that really supposed to make us feel better? What about the other nearly 400,000 who simply entered the system by getting caught in for a “minor infraction”? Further, how

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IMMIGRANTS: No benefits for those here illegally

Re: “Immigrants face fight over college funding” (TNT, 9-4).

I simply cannot understand why lawmakers and other supposedly educated persons continue to have a problem understanding or comprehending the extended ramifications of one simple word in the English language: “illegal,” meaning against the law.

We are not talking simply about Latinos, as the article would seem to imply. There are many others coming to America legally or illegally, establishing islands of culture and refusing to integrate into society.

There is virtually no other country in the world where someone can arbitrarily cross the border, establish residency, create progeny, and

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VOTER ID: Lax licensing poses vote threat

Several letters have been published recently concerning Voter ID.

Washington state has no voter identification requirements. You can fill out a Washington voter registration form at the Department of Motor Vehicles when you get your driver’s license, or you can go online and fill out the form.

The voter registration form has you check two boxes, asking if you are a U.S. citizen and if you will be over 18 on election day. You provide your name, date of birth, phone number and marital status along with your home and mailing address.

Voting is all done by mail, so there

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IMMIGRATION: Right for the American people?

Re: “Policy to spare many youths from deportation” (TNT, 6-16).

Let me get this straight. We have federal laws that regulate who comes into this country and for what purpose. We have federal regulations and processes to becoming a legal resident and, if desired, a citizen. The president says just ignore them.

Up to 800,000 people can stay despite the federal laws. We have more than 300,000 people each week filing new unemployment applications. Our economy is tanking, Americans are struggling, and the light at the end of the tunnel still seems very dim. The president says let these

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LICENSES: No rights for illegal aliens

Re: “Try reasonable middle way to license illegal immigrants” (editorial, 5-27).

What are you thinking? Since when do illegal aliens have rights? I cannot comprehend nor understand the mentality that desires to license illegal aliens. Send them back from where they came.

Any politician who promotes rights for illegals will never get my vote.


LICENSE: Unlink voting from driver’s licensing

Re: “Try reasonable middle way to license illegal immigrants” (editorial, 5-27).

The editorial board missed a key point licensing undocumented drivers. The federal Motor Voting Act requires all driver’s licensing offices to provide voter registration packets. Washington and New Mexico are the only two states that require no proof of citizenship when they hand a voter registration form to anyone applying for a driver’s license.

State employees are forbidden by law to ask for proof of citizenship when handing the applicant a voter registration form. The applicant fills out the form and checks a box attesting to U.S. citizenship.

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