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MARIJUANA: Heed voters and implement I-502

What is with these small-time, penny-ante politicians deciding they know what’s best for their constituents? Initiative 502 was successfully voted into state law well over a year ago, and here we sit while they drag their feet and quake with fear over federal intervention.

The city councils of Puyallup, Sumner, Lakewood and University Place have no business arbitrarily deciding what’s best for me. They are not my mother; in fact, my 76-year-old mother voted yes on I-502 and is completely in favor of full legal access for responsible adults.

If they are concerned that military personnel do not have sufficient

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MARIJUANA: Demand lawmakers follow the law

U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan said recently that Initiative 502’s success hinges on the legal, taxed  and robustly regulated marijuana system being the state monopoly for marijuana sales. This entails reining in unregulated markets, mostly by providing a regulated alternative.

Last week, by trying to rewrite I-502’s taxing and allocation provisions that were specifically approved by voters, the Legislature lost the opportunity to regulate the medical cannabis system, leaving commercial medical marijuana sales intact and unchanged.

Likewise, thanks to local lawmakers, the black market will remain a fixture. Though it is state law, many municipalities are oligarchically nullifying I-502. In doing

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MARIJUANA: I-502 voters were naive and selfish

Re: “I-502 voters aren’t all ‘potheads’” (letter, 1-19).

I would agree that most of the voters who approved Initiative 502 are not active users of the drug. Unfortunately, they were extremely naive, ignorant and selfish in being bamboozled by a 20-second TV spot promising huge new revenue (to finance socialism) and the downfall of the drug criminal from the street.

Legalization of marijuana condemns a future generations of our youth to a host of physical and mental disorders. Revenue from sales will be used to educate people on the dangers of the drug. Isn’t that like cutting off your

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MARIJUANA: I-502 voters aren’t all users

Pierce County Council Chairman Dan Roach calls those who support implementation of Initiative 502 a “pothead” constituency” (TNT, 1-15).

With I-502 passing with 55 percent of the vote, and half of the state’s counties approving, I would suggest that the majority of constituents supporting the measure were not users. A recent graphic published by The News Tribune also demonstrated broad geographic county support.

What Washington voters have shown over the years is that they are pragmatic and fiercely independent in addressing public policy measures through the initiative process.
They saw the benefit of creating a structured, regulated system

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POT: Legalization isn’t a major game-changer

Re: “State’s victory in pot decision will be felt south of the border” (Your Voice, 9-3).

Hold the celebration. It is a pipe dream, excuse the pun, to claim that enactment of Initiative 502 will “break the stranglehold drug cartels have on the marijuana trade.”

As we have witnessed 10 months of regulatory and taxation posturing while our state tries to figure out how to be in the marijuana business, it becomes clear that there is no way that it will establish a system that can compete price-wise with the well-established cartels and their market-based pricing.

Black markets flourish

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POT: Don’t legislate changes to initiative

Re: “Save marijuana licenses for those who play by the rules” (editorial, 3-21).

I think the paper needs to rethink its opinion on marijuana licenses. House Bill 2000 would change a few sections of the voter-approved Initiative 502. At this point in time, the feds have approached the marijuana initiative in a wait-and-see mode. To me this means that so far we are not doing anything that they see as a major problem.

Yes, the Liquor Control Board needs to show how it’s going to regulate the whole process, but with those rules, the feds can mandate changes, not

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POT: What about the downside of legal marijuana?

I commend The News Tribune for publishing a picture on Page 1 (TNT, 2-22) of Jason Gutz of Safe Streets. He spoke before the Washington State Liquor Control Board about kids’ safety with the coming legal production and sale of marijuana.

It was ironic that the headline above the photo and story read, “Pot retailers, enthusiasts speak to board about I-502.” I got the impression from the photo caption that Gutz might not have been the most enthusiastic person addressing the board last week.

I was disappointed that the article did not contain any details about Gutz and his

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MARIJUANA: Taking a more balanced approach

I am very proud of the state of Washington for passing Initiative 502 regarding marijuana. Not only will it pump funds into the system, both from the 25 percent excise tax and from overhead savings, but also because it will create a balanced approach to drug abuse prevention.

It moves marijuana from being a “forbidden fruit” for some and makes it something that people can be educated on and choose what is best for them and their family. Keeping in mind that many citizens with chronic pain or ailments choose to use marijuana as an alternative medicine, the initiative provides

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