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LAKEWOOD: Corridor needs big-picture approach

Re: “Lakewood wants ruling on train routes, not a trial” (TNT, 1-9).

The Joint Base Lewis-McChord/Lakewood/Interstate 5 corridor needs some long-term visionaries to come together and solve the multiple issues that are going to cost us taxpayers a lot of money and heartache.

Don’t you love trains? Apparently one group does, one does not, one only wants transit trains. Everyone wants a cross-base highway, more lanes on I-5, new overpasses, better access and no tolls – but no one has any money. Everyone speaks of safety of the intersections, but no one has solutions. People who live there want

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TRAFFIC: Massive backup should not have happened

Re: “There were reasons for long backup” (TNT, 12-18).

Whoever made the decision to keep Interstate 5 lanes closed for so long should be fired. Rules they said had to be enforced was a lame excuse.

Thousands of cars and trucks sitting for hours could have been prevented. An emergency like this should have allowed rules to be moderated rather than the disregard for the inconvenience it was causing. No wonder people were furious.


TRAFFIC: Here’s idea for some I-5 relief

With the increased population of Joint Base Lewis-McChord there is a need for Interstate 5 transportation relief. Over the past 15 to 20 years, I have suggested an inexpensive way to cut traffic flow out of North Thurston County.

Next to Exit 116 of I-5 (Mounts Road) is a triangular piece of JBLM land. It is completely useless to the base. It is roughly 10 to 15 acres in size and lies between Old Pacific Highway and I-5 at northbound Exit 116. The parcel would make an ideal location for a park-and-ride for northbound Thurston County commuters. It could reduce

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