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I-1240: Don’t privatize our public schools

I’m voting no on Initiative 1240.

I recently moved here from Wisconsin, which has some great public charter schools, but they were not privately owned. In the district where I taught, they operate an alternative charter high school that is able to be flexible with some of the graduation requirements but offer more counseling and other support for teens whose personal problems would have otherwise led to dropping out of school or worse.

Public school funding shouldn’t be given to private companies to run our public schools even if there are good intentions. There’s a move across the country to

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I-1240: Vote against corporatizing our schools

Last year we had the Occupy Wall Street movement of thousands in the 99 percent to take back our country. The top 1 percent are fighting back – to take away our public schools with Initiative 1240 to bring undemocratic charter schools to Washington state.

Why are the rich trying to take over public schools with our own tax dollars?

It’s not just Bill Gates and Paul Allen who have given millions to fund this pro-charter school initiative. The Walmart barons have “invested” $1.7 million to get you to vote for charter schools paid for by taxpayers – and they

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I-1240: Read details on charter school costs

I picked up my election ballot fully prepared to vote yes on Initiative 1240. My no vote had helped defeat previous proposals three times. Nevertheless, I felt the time was right for this state to join 41 others in allowing charter schools.

I opened my voters’ pamphlet and read the text of I-1240 along with the “known government cost estimate.” Because of the oversight and regulatory requirements, the initiative would cost the state more than $3 million in the first five years. The cost impact on local school districts is currently “indeterminate.”

I carefully drew a straight pencil line marking

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I-1240: Don’t give up local school control

If you like being able to hold your local school board accountable for the performance of our schools, then vote “no” on Initiative 1240.

I-1240 obliterates local control. Section 208 of the initiative sets up a state commission comprised of political appointees with no education experience whatsoever. The only requirement is that they have to be ideologues who demonstrate “an understanding of and commitment to charter schooling as a strategy for strengthening public education.”

These unelected partisan bureaucrats would have the power to overrule local school boards and force charter schools into neighborhoods, even if you and your neighbors don’t

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I-1240: Let’s fully fund public education first

Soon I will have completed 2½ years of rigorous training to earn a master’s degree in education. This training is in response to Washington’s ongoing work to improve public schools by ensuring well-qualified educators. We now have one of the most stringent teacher certification requirements in the U.S.

Here are two salient points to consider about charter schools.

• Those students who are failing high school now began their journey 12 years ago – under administrators, policies and curriculum that are no longer in place today,

• Class sizes: While student teaching last year, I had well over 30 students

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I-1240: Join 41 other states with charter schools

There are many ballot measures in this election. I support Initiative 1240. I congratulate all Democrats and Republicans involved for coming together to provide a solution to our failing schools.

The idea of including charter schools in our educational system is not new. It is very important to know that Washington is one of nine states that does not currently have charter schools.

Other states have had success with this program. I-1240 will provide up to 40 charter schools in a five-year time span. These charter schools will give a chance to kids who are struggling to succeed by providing

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ELECTION: Tacoma mayor’s odd endorsement

I was delighted to read Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland’s endorsement of the public charter school measure, Initiative 1240 (Viewpoint, 9-30). It’s encouraging to see that she has joined the ground-breaking bipartisan movement that seeks to put students first.

I understand that charter schools won’t be a silver bullet. They must be combined with other measures such as rewarding our best teachers, especially those who volunteer to work in the most challenging environments. We now have the opportunity to review successful charter schools from around the country and include in Washington charters only the aspects that will encourage student achievement,

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I-1240: TVW discussion informative about charter schools measure

Thank you for holding an informative discussion regarding the charter school initiative (I-1240) on tvw.org. This is a great opportunity for parents to reach out to educators and have more constructive input on behalf of students who are struggling, whether low-income or high achievers.

Thank you for sharing your editorial board’s discussion with the public; it was full of information that held my interest throughout the entire discussion. Well done.