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I-1125: Protect state toll-payers and vote yes

Without the protections provided in Initiative 1125, tolls collected on a specific road or bridge could be used for any project within the state and tolling could continue forever. Note that when tolling was proposed for the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge in the Tacoma/Gig Harbor area, one of the justifications was that the costs for the bridge should be paid by the users of the bridge (and, tolling would cease after the bridge was paid for).

Tolling, especially variable rate tolling, is an even more regressive “tax” than the state sales tax and hits working people the hardest, especially lower-wage

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TOLLS: Sometimes there’s no practical alternative

Re: “Tolling is a fair way to tax” (letter, 10-22)

This recent letter did have one incorrect assumption in it when the writer said “… ultimately we all have the choice to use the tolled roadways and bridges.” I would question where the practical alternative is to using the Narrows bridge and paying the toll. While I don’t disagree with that toll, and I live on the peninsula, I do question the availability of a practical alternative.

Going around the Sound via Olympia or having to wait on a ferry is not practical. One place where there would be

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I-1125: Old way of tolling is fair

Re: “New Eyman initiative tells state to stick with old ways of tolling” (TNT, 10-17).

The rationale usually given for creating a toll for a bridge is that those who use the bridge should be more responsible for paying the cost than those who are not greatly affected by it.

Given this, it seems unfair to use revenue from one toll for work on another project. It changes the toll from a specialized fee into a more general or broader tax. Yet that is one of many criticisms of Initiative 1125: It constrains the revenue from one toll for

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I-1125: Voters care about substance, not personal attacks

Re: “Bellevue billionaire buys himself an Eyman initiative” (editorial, 8-7).

The News Tribune editorial board opposed last year’s Initiative 1053 making it tougher to raise taxes, so it’s not surprising it opposes this year’s “Son of I-1053″ – Initiative 1125 which resurrects I-1053’s taxpayer-protection policies.

It shows a weak position on your part that you chose not to critique the initiative’s policies but instead spent all your time beating up on its supporters. This same approach was used by the TNT against last year’s I-1053.

How effective was your approach? Sixty-four percent of statewide voters approved I-1053; 1.6 million

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