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ELECTION: Leave liquor sales to private businesses

Initiatives 1100 and 1105 both seek to privatize the sale of hard alcohol, something that should have been done all along.

The state has no reason to be in the liquor business in the first place. I understand the need to regulate the distribution and sale of alcohol and control the licensing, but the sales should be left to private businesses.

Taxation on alcoholic beverages and the additional licensing fees for the retail beverage outlets will help to offset the loss in revenue, while the sales staff from the state liquor stores will be able to find jobs at any

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ELECTION: Reject both liquor initiatives

Re: “Get state out of liquor sales” (editorial, 10-18).

As a college student just entering my 21st year on earth, there is a general assumption that I fall directly into the voter demographic that would be in favor of initiatives like 1100 and/or 1105. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

I believe that products such as hard liquor should be sold and taxed by our state government. In addition to the valid concerns of possible increases in alcohol-related driving accidents and underage consumption, I think it’s important to remember that alcohol is a drug, and should be treated

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ELECTION: Liquor sales just part of the problem

Re: “Get state out of liquor sales” (editorial, 10-17).

I have a dog in this fight, actually a pack. I have been a liquor store clerk since 1998. Everyone is addressing underage sales. No one is bringing up theft.

Liquor is a drug. It is stolen, sold and bartered as such. Is the clerk at your corner store going to gently confront everyone and ask for ID when groups of four and six come through the door? Will he/she ask for the bottle back that just went down the front of the pants, in the purse, into the pocket?


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ELECTION: Reason why state is in ‘businesses’

Should the state get out of the workers’ compensation business and out of the liquor business? Initiative proponents are arguing the private sector should be offering these services and the state should not be involved.

This argument raises the question as to why the state got into these “businesses” in the first place.

Simply, the state is in these businesses because in years past business failed at providing these services in a reasonable manner. The state is involved in workers’ compensation because, left to their own devices, employers have abandoned injured workers. The state is involved in the liquor business

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ELECTION: Say no to liquor privatization

I would like to point out a few reasons why voters should oppose Initiatives 1100 and 1105.

In addition to harming the $4 billion Washington wine industry, the Washington state craft brewers also know the consequences of these initiatives and have joined the opposition.

There are significant social consequences if 1100 and 1105 pass. The number of hard liquor outlets will go from 315 to as many as 5,000. Because corporations that sell liquor wrote the initiatives, Washington would become the least-regulated state in the nation for hard liquor sales.

The odds of a minor making an illegal

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