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I-1125: Voters care about substance, not personal attacks

Re: “Bellevue billionaire buys himself an Eyman initiative” (editorial, 8-7).

The News Tribune editorial board opposed last year’s Initiative 1053 making it tougher to raise taxes, so it’s not surprising it opposes this year’s “Son of I-1053″ – Initiative 1125 which resurrects I-1053’s taxpayer-protection policies.

It shows a weak position on your part that you chose not to critique the initiative’s policies but instead spent all your time beating up on its supporters. This same approach was used by the TNT against last year’s I-1053.

How effective was your approach? Sixty-four percent of statewide voters approved I-1053; 1.6 million

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EYMAN: There’s irony in initiative argument

Re: “New initiative reinforces voter-approved I-1053″ (Viewpoint, 5-13).

It’s ironic that Tim Eyman calls on the state constitution to help enforce an initiative-generated law. Ironic because Eyman produced the initiatives (601,1053) requiring a two-thirds majority for legislative actions raising taxes despite the fact that it conflicts with the state constitution. (The constitution mandates a simple majority for all legislative actions.)

Now he insists the Legislature must follow the constitution to meet requirements which may be “unconstitutional.” Eyman’s duplicity regarding the constitution reflects a confusion about, or a desire to undermine, its role in proper lawmaking. That role can only be

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