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SALARIES: State shows disgraceful priorities

Re:  ”UW football coach Steve Sarkisian is Washington’s top-paid state worker” (TNT, 8-11).

I have never seen such misplaced priorities.

Shame on the governor, the Legislature, the higher education establishment and, certainly, shame on the voters of the state of Washington who have allowed such a distortion of values.

We need go no further to see the downward direction this country is headed. We can’t support basic education, but we can pay for the circus.

No doubt future tourists will come to see Husky Stadium, as they do today to ponder the Roman Colosseum.


TACOMA: Dome isn’t worse than other venues

Re: “Dome didn’t do right by Gaga fans” (letter, 8-25).

The writer singling out the Tacoma Dome for lack of security at the recent Lady Gaga concert obviously does not attend many live shows.

I started going to music events in 1968, starting with the Jimi Hendrix Seattle homecoming, and over the last 40 plus years have encountered a broad spectrum of poor crowd management at every major Northwest venue – everything from a fan leaping to his demise at a Seattle Led Zeppelin show to a foul-mouthed 15-year-old showering my wife with all the liquor he had consumed before

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