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HUNTING: The real bird killer is domestic house cat

Re: “Groups want ban on lead” (TNT, 3-26).

Since 1991, non-lead shot has been a requirement for all waterfowl hunters, and the incidences of lead poisoning has decreased. Those who are proposing non-lead bullets for all shooting and hunting are anti-gun or anti-hunting advocates.

If their concern was really for birds they would target the real problem, which is cats.

According to the Wild Bird Conservancy website, there are approximately 77 million domestic house cats in the U.S. A conservative estimate of one bird kill per month per cat would put the annual wild bird loss at 1.8 billion,

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HUNTING: Lead ban would have little effect

Re: “Groups want ban on lead” (TNT, 3-26).

The article fails to mention that a total ban on lead ammunition would have no effect on swan mortality in Whatcom County. Lead shot has been banned for waterfowl hunting since 1991.

Pre-ban deposits are the problem. Continuous use of the same spots by generations of waterfowl hunters resulted in heavy concentrations of lead shot where waterfowl feed. The nationwide use of nontoxic shot for waterfowl hunting has dramatically reduced lead poisoning in these birds.

Other forms of hunting disburse shot or bullets far more widely, thus minimizing the chance of

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GUNS: Don’t ban traditional ammunition

About 35 hunters met in Federal Way Monday night at a public meeting with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Some members of the National Rifle Association had received notice that the anti-gun movement is attacking legal hunting and firearms one bullet at a time. The ammo ban was not on the agenda.

When asked about the ban on traditional (lead) ammo, Don Krage of the waterfowl division told sportsmen the ban is a done deal and goes into effect this season at all pheasant release areas.

The NRA believes the push to ban traditional ammunition is part of

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