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HUNGER: Budget impasse would hurt relief efforts

The deadline for avoiding a government shutdown on July 1 is fast approaching, yet the state Legislature still cannot agree on a budget.

The Emergency Food Network and other hunger-relief programs received notices this week telling us that if there is no budget, we will not get the funds from the state that we rely on to make sure no one in Pierce County goes hungry.

We serve 66 hunger-relief programs in Pierce County. Without funding from the state many of the programs we serve could face closed doors due to lack of rent, unable to buy supplement food and/or

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HUNGER: Need rises, but funding’s still the same

My heartfelt thanks to the members of the Washington Senate and House for recognizing the importance food banks have in combating hunger in Washington. While they have included funds for the Emergency Food Assistance Program in previous budgets, the amount has not increased since 2008. During that same time the need in Pierce County has grown 69 percent.

The additional funding in the 2014 budget will provide food banks money they desperately need, and the ability to use it in ways that make sense for them. While this additional funding will not solve the problem of hunger, it takes an

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HUNGER: Children most hurt by cuts in SNAP program

Re: ‘Lawmakers need to stop playing politics with hunger” by Bob Dole and Tom Daschle (TNT, 9-20),

How refreshing to see two famous politicians – one Republican, one Democrat – calling for taking the politics out of hunger. Unfortunately, the Republican-led House didn’t listen, cutting the SNAP program (formerly food stamps) by $40 billion.

Children will feel it the most, with one in five already having issues with hunger. These cuts will also increase the 47 million Americans below the poverty level. With more than 23 percent of American children living in poverty (second only to Romania of the

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HUNGER: Food assistance helps the US economy

Re: “Millions still struggle with hunger in US, USDA finds” (TNT, 9-4).

This article points out that more than one-third of households with children headed by single women struggle with food insecurity.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP – formerly “food stamps”) is the first line of defense against hunger in the U.S. But Congress is threatening to dramatically curtail it.

SNAP acts as a powerful economic stimulus. By providing resources that must be spent at local grocery stores and retail outlets, SNAP stimulates the farm-to-market connection and helps hundreds of thousands of private-sector jobs in farming,

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HUNGER: State cuts target children of color

In 2012, FISH Food Banks of Pierce County served 556,298 individuals, or 140,414 families in Pierce County that faced significant financial hardships, an increase of 24 percent in just one year.

Washington State Food Assistance is vitally important to meeting this growing need. For more than 15 years, Washington has wisely and strategically leveraged national resources to ensure that food stamps reach families that need it most.

However, during the recession, State Food Assistance was slashed for thousands of children growing up in immigrant families, nearly all of whom are children of color. At a time when an estimated one in

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NORTH KOREA: Feed our own hungry first

Re: “Charities seek help online, find it” (TNT, 12-19).

The front-page article tells how charities are finding help online in these very lean times to get volunteers and donations to feed homeless Americans. Then I read (TNT, 12-19)  that our government is getting ready to send 240,000 tons of food to North Korea. Yes, North Korea.

Perhaps we need accountability from those we have elected and sent to Washington, D.C., on why we have children and adults in the Untied States going hungry every day, yet we are going to supply food to a country that hates us.

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HUNGER: Strike resolved, but hunger remains

Perhaps one of the positive things to come out of the recent teacher’s strike is a greater community awareness of the high levels of hunger in our community, particularly amongst children.

Contrary to the views of a recent letter writer (TNT, 9-23), a significant percentage of families are unable to provide enough food for their families. Many rely on free or reduced school meals for their children during the school year, but the need for food assistance continues over the weekend and when school is out of session.

At the St. Leo Food Connection, we try to meet this need

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HUNGER: Letter writer is out of touch

Re: “Hungry kids? TNT claim is ridiculous” (letter, 9-23).

The letter writer mentioned that it could not be true that there were hungry children in Pierce County as a result of the strike. She suggested that peanut butter and jelly “were not expensive.”

There are 795,000 residents in Pierce County. Through August, the 67 food banks in Pierce County that receive food from the Emergency Food Network have been visited by more than 833,000 clients.

With many schools having more than half of their students on free and reduced meals, school starting allows parents who rely on food banks and

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