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TACOMA: Set aside housing for seniors

Regarding the number of large apartment/condominiums that seem to be proliferating rapidly:

I have no problem with that, but whenever projected prices for rental or condominium purchase are published I would like to see some set aside for senior citizens such as myself who cannot afford $1,000-plus rents, much less the condo prices.

I’m all for development of our city, but please don’t leave seniors out of the mix. Many of us contribute to the improvement of our fine city.


HOUSING: Applicants pay, even if rental is denied

I have noticed that in the past four months in the rental market, rent has gone up about $175-$200 as more people are trying to find places to live. The competition is incredible. Plus every time you get serious about a place you want, the rental company or owner charges $35-$80 to do background checks.

I agree with the background checks, but why won’t they let applicants bring a copy of the same background check they are wanting to charge for over and over again? To me that is robbery.

Also, in the long run that can really mess your credit up. You

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NEWS: The real world doesn’t look so hopeful

Re: “The real world offers reason for hope” (letter, 11-14).

Huh? The market is so high because the Federal Reserve injects $85 billion of borrowed money into the market every month. When the Fed even mentions that it is “thinking” about tapering, the market drops like a stone instead of floating like the balloon that it is. Can you say $17 trillion debt?

The job numbers are “encouraging” because the government doesn’t count the millions who have had their benefits end. Somehow they know how many “disenchanted” workers are out there, but they don’t count. How does that figure?

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CONGRESS: Enjoy summer and fear the fall

With the housing market, jobs, retail sales and construction on the rise; mortgage rates holding steady; and the annual deficit decreasing, I see reason for optimism.

On the other side of the coin, I see the conservative fringe of the Republican Party threatening some very bad behavior in the fall session of congress. If we can believe their summer recess threats, we face a possible government shutdown and lower taxes for the rich, with all the benefits that trickle down to the working class.

Their proposed social agenda is equally as destructive: Further attacks on women’s reproductive rights, suppression of

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HOUSING: New rules don’t seem realistic

Re: “Housing vouchers no longer for a lifetime” (TNT, 6-30).

I am skeptical of the Tacoma Housing Authority’s new rules that assume people who are on the program will be self-sufficient in a five-year period. I have my doubts that the availability of jobs these people qualify for will automatically make them self-sufficient.

The typical job a low-income person gets is a minimum-wage position that is not always full time and pay enough to cover all expenses. Others, such as a parent with a child with a disability, may make the decision not to work because the specialized care

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TACOMA: Offenders need places to live, too

Re: “Program could boost housing for offenders” (TNT, 4-17).

Offenders being released have served their time in prison, whether it may be two years or 10. For whatever reason they were imprisoned, they received their punishment.

Offenders will always be released from prison sooner or later. So what if their family doesn’t take them in? What if they have nowhere else to stay? Wouldn’t this result in increased rates of homelessness?

Tacoma’s 18-month pilot project to house offenders is a wonderful opportunity for offenders to show they are like anyone else, they just made mistakes in their past. This

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BUDGET: Senate plan would hurt needy people

The state Senate operating and capital budgets proposed in the past two weeks would cut housing, health care and child care for vulnerable citizens in these ways:

• Eliminating the Aged, Blind and Disabled program.

• Cutting state homelessness programs by 52 percent.

• Increasing the number of people experiencing homelessness during the 2013-2015 biennium by 20,400 more people.

• Drastically cutting a variety of safety net programs like Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and Working Connections Child Care.

• Significantly cutting the Housing Trust Fund

While an education-focused budget for K-12 and higher education will help solve many of

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MORTGAGES: Customers now treated like crooks

What did we, the consumers, do to deserve the treatment we now receive from mortgage companies? How is it that they can now require us to prove where every deposit greater than $100 came from? How can they use words “money laundering” when asking about deposits?

Unless I have lost my mind or my memory is gone, it seems to me it was the banks and the mortgage companies that came up with off-the-wall loans whereby anyone with any sign of life could qualify. We, as consumers, didn’t do this. We went to apply for a mortgage and all was

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