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ELECTION: House Republicans need to compromise

John Boehner took no time in doubling down on his party’s big loss yesterday, suggesting that the vote for a Republican House was a mandate for their policies. This is nothing but self-serving sophistry.

In reality, the vote is a commentary on the corrosive and disgraceful gerrymandering used by both parties. This undemocratic charade pushes moderates and centrists out of the political process, and has resulted in today’s bitter and toxic partisan polarization and its attendant gridlock.

Our nation has enormous challenges before it, and if the Republican House’s only response is continued obstruction and the refusal to compromise, it

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GOP: Republican-led House hazardous to our health

Re: “GOP bill would let Border Patrol ignore environmental laws” (TNT, 10-24) and “Proposed biomass regulations a threat to jobs, critics say” (TNT, 10-29).

These two stories connect the dysfunction of House Republicans’ attacks upon EPA rules and regulations with the potential impacts locally: degradation of public lands in Washington state and air-quality problems in Tacoma.

Regarding the biomass regulation, on a face mask I will write the word “pass” followed by the bill number and wear the mask around town. Not only good politics, but good for my health.


GOP: Budget cuts target most vulnerable

I am trying to understand the values of the House Republicans’ proposed budget cuts, supposedly aimed at cutting unnecessary federal government spending and waste.

Their budget proposals cut deeply into human services, but they leave intact the historically generous government subsidies for oil companies, mining companies and corporate farming companies – all of which are quite profitable.

I don’t get it. What is their definition of waste, and does it have anything to do with social justice?

More accurately, I do get it but I disagree. Sustaining basic subsistence of people feels much more important to me, and much more

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