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TOLLS: DOT accounting is smoke and mirrors

Re: “Tolls on SR 167 HOT lanes finally overtake spending” (TNT, 12-27).

Perhaps a different headline would be more appropriate for this story: “DOT cooks the books in order to prove themselves right” or “DOT uses accounting smoke and mirrors to justify money-losers.”

Didn’t we just go through a financial crisis in this country, much of it due to phony “accounting profits”? And now The News Tribune writes a front-page story celebrating the same “sham” accounting tactics that brought us Enron, AIG, Lehman Brothers and a host of others.

Do we never learn? Why do we keep handing blank

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HOT LANES: What is the DOT thinking?

Re: “More drivers pay to use HOT lanes” (TNT, 9-7).

Are you kidding me? When the state Department of Transportation made an error on an onramp on the Nalley Valley interchange project that cost just under $1 million to fix, there was outrage aplenty, and justifiably so. Now that same DOT is planning to extend the HOT lanes experiment on state Route 167 at a cost of $83 million.

With the present system losing $48,000 a month, spending $83 million more on this loser is ridiculous, especially in view of the state’s financial problems. What are they using for brains

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HOT LANES: Unbelievable waste of money

I liked your article about Hot Lanes (TNT, 5-3). A picture is worth a thousand words is right on here. State officials actually say that they have helped congestion, yet here sits an empty lane that taxpayers payed for!

Along with that I understand that we are using taxpayer money ($50,000 a month) to pay for it. To those in government: If something is costing taxpayers money and creating an inconvenience (traffic backups 2 miles long), because we cannot use the available lane (without paying twice), then its not working!!!! Admit you made a mistake and open the lane

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