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UGANDA: Orphan choir has a disturbing agenda

Youth from Uganda will visit Lakewood on March 28-30. Churches are hosting “Beautiful Africa,” a song-dance-video presentation by Watoto Child Care Ministries. They recently visited my community; I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned of ties to an agenda I find appalling, as well as concerns about the children themselves.

I’m concerned the children are being exploited by the performance schedule, up to 31 per month, for six months at a time, by kids as young as 5 to 7 years of age. The group uses children for relentless fund-raising, taking in $7 million annually from the U.S. alone.

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‘DUCK DYNASTY': Media hypocrisy is showing

Re: “Something’s not so ducky in reality TV land” (Kathleen Parker column, 12-26).

Parker chose to denigrate “Duck Dynasty” leader Phil Robertson for his recent comments regarding homosexuals. She implied he was a hick, and his biblical quotes proved it.

I don’t remember Parker or any progressive media commentator being incensed by Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” photo that made the art circuit in 1987. Also, where was the liberal writers’ outrage over the mixed media “Holy Virgin Mary” created by Chris Ofili (1996), which included varnished elephant dung coupled with collaged pornographic images?

However, there were cries for our

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‘DUCK DYNASTY': Only acceptable opinions allowed?

Re: “Patriarch off ‘Duck Dynasty’ after comments” (TNT, 12-20).

The father from “Duck Dynasty” is being “dropped” from the show due to his comments regarding homosexuality in an interview. It is an interesting time in which we live when someone quotes Scripture from God’s Holy Word – the Bible – and it is labeled by some as “discrimination.”

Discrimination is defined as treating someone as “less than” or at a disadvantage based on some trait, such as ethnicity, age, religion or, in this case, sexual orientation. Nowhere do I find that discrimination is defined as having a belief system

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‘DUCK DYNASTY': Star entitled to his opinions

Uh oh, the GQ interview with “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has struck a raw nerve or two (TNT, 12-20).

I wonder what people would expect a 67-year-old man to do when asked questions about homosexuality and race. He answered it to the best of his ability and spoke what he believed to be the truth. Although his comments are disturbing, they are his feelings. They aren’t mine, but he is certainly as entitled to his opinion as I am to mine.

The LGBT crowd wants his head. A&E has put him on hiatus. As disgusting as his comments

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HOMOSEXUALITY: When did definition of courage change?

Re: “It takes courage to be the first to stand up” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 5-1).

When did the definition of courage change to include an individual’s sexual proclivities? Does not courage mean valor and heroism? Just how does a person’s sexual inclination convert to being unduly noble?

If you believe in the “born homosexual” myth, you must also embrace the notion that every individual is “born” with certain sexual tendencies. You must also believe that people are “born” with adulterous, polygamous, bisexual and pederasty tendencies to escape discrimination.

Why have the secular media never celebrated and labeled as

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MARRIAGE: Not a banner year for Washingtonians

Re: “A banner year for same-sex couples and pot smokers” (editorial, 12-21).

2012 may have been a banner year for same-sex couples, but it was not a banner year for Washingtonians.

Being unwilling to see homosexuality as a moral issue and finding the pursuit of virtue inconvenient, we invented a “civil right” and congratulated ourselves.

In reality, however, all “this important step forward for civil rights” has done is serve to suppress what is right. Shame on us.


MARRIAGE: Traditional marriage passing away

Re: “Wedding signals a sea change” (TNT, 8-14).

How did we get to the place where a homosexual wedding is front-page news?

Could anyone have ever predicted that the time would come when we would be debating what is and is not a marriage? Debating if the fundamental husband and wife part of a marriage is constitutional? Debating if the fundamental father and mother part of the family is constitutional?

Is marriage and the family as we have known it passing away right before our eyes? For some time now homosexual radicals have demanded that their behavior receive more

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MARRIAGE: Radicals would diminish marriage

An organizer of Olympia’s Capitol City Pride Parade was quoted as saying, “It’s hate that we still have to combat” (TNT, 6-11).

Most know intuitively that something is wrong with the legalization of homosexual “marriage.” Most understand that it is not homosexuality, but marriage, that is under attack.

Christians don’t hate homosexuals. In fact, we are called to treat homosexuals with dignity. But we are also called to oppose, with vigor, the immoral changes homosexuals are demanding imposed on all of society.

The homosexual agenda is the universal acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, to do away with the nonsensical

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