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HOMELESS: Help them instead of hiding them

Thanks to Matt Driscoll for alerting us (column, 5-3) to the concern that Tacoma might be embarrassed about its homeless population when on display before the whole world in late June.

Let’s hope that the concern leads to appropriate action that helps solve the problem of homelessness rather than simply hide it from view.

One obviously temporary solution, yet a good safe and clean one, is a tent city, carefully modeled after a very successful system in Seattle. I am part of a tiny team working on getting the system established here. For more information, and to lend a

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COUNTY: Do we care about the least among us?

Re: “Detectives seek person who burned transient man” (TNT, 3-24).

Throughout history, revered political and religious leaders have orated that as a society, we are judged by how we care for the least among us. In Pierce County, a homeless man was recently intentionally set on fire.

There’s no news yet on who could have done this unspeakably vicious act, but I await that first step toward some justice for this man who has been at Harborview with severe burns for almost two weeks.

But a different concern keeps nagging me: No one seems to care. I’ve been asking

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PUYALLUP: Get the facts about the homeless

If we are going to have a conversation about the homeless in Puyallup, then I would hope that we could get our facts straight. The idea that our local churches are opening their doors to drunk and high homeless people and, therefore, all the homeless are flocking there in the winter is almost ludicrous.

I have noticed an increase in what appear to be homeless people in the last several years, coinciding with the worst economy since the Great Depression, and it is concerning. I would caution everyone in Puyallup to stop and think where they would be without family

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HOLIDAYS: Do what you can for the homeless

Last month, a teacher wrote of a homeless seventh-grader (letter, 11-18).

We hope the teacher realizes that her story touched our hearts and sparked something in us. Hopefully, we’re not the only ones who were emotionally moved.

It’s a difficult time we find ourselves in during this holiday season, and it’s time to help one another. We decided to “adopt” a couple of homeless families from our local junior high. Once our families found out, the donations quickly grew.

Our wish is for everyone to evaluate your own situation and, if possible, donate to those less fortunate.