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HACKING: US hardly should be pointing fingers

The uproar over the cyberattack on Sony Studios has been in the news. Now Sony has decided not to release for viewing what is reported to be a silly movie anyway.

Many people, including President Obama, are upset because they feel this is an attack on our freedom of speech and on how we live our life in America.

I think we all should keep in mind the fact that our own Homeland Security has been monitoring our phone calls by the millions every day for at least the last decade. Isn’t that an infringement on our privacy, our freedom and our

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TERRORISM: How about a little cowboy diplomacy?

Since 9/11 we have become so traumatized worrying about similar recurrences that we have decided that we need to punish ourselves by having to pay to be frisked like common criminals before we are allowed to board flights. Never mind the fact that we must arrive at airports an hour or two before flight time because of the fear terrorists have instilled in us.

At a time when our economy is in such dire straits, American taxpayers are being forced to pick up the tab for 40,000-50,000 airport screeners and air marshals and still live in fear that somehow suicide

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AIR SECURITY: Profiling isn’t PC, but it works

Re: “Don’t let ‘opt-outers’ delay lines” (letter, 11-23).

I am actually surprised that a widespread revolt about heavy-handed airport screenings took this long to develop. Aside from the full-body scanners or much-too-friendly pat-downs, I was amazed that the masses of air travelers pretty much accepted being herded like cattle through security chutes – without protesting the loss of saying goodbyes or greeting loved ones at departure/arrival gates.

Maybe it was the post-9/11 fear factor – not unlike putting Japanese-Americans in detention camps following Pearl Harbor. But we accepted taking off our shoes because of one single idiot and witnessed our

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