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HOLIDAYS: Reconsider how we ‘celebrate’

I love this time of year as much as anyone else. The tree lightings, carols and cookies are something I always look forward to.

Yet in all my anticipation there are certain parts of the holidays that I have come to dread: the advertising blitz that begins right after Halloween and arguments over how we should or shouldn’t celebrate. All of it makes me exhausted by Boxing Day.

Why have we let a season that celebrates the virtues of peace, hope, joy and general good will toward our neighbors turn into a mass-marketing frenzy extolling greed and inciting us not

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HOMELESS: Be mindful of others’ burdens

Have you ever met a seventh grader who was homeless? I never thought I would, but it happened to me about two weeks ago. They sit in a class I volunteer with, and they do their work quietly like all the other students, but they are fighting more battles than just a math test. They face finding a place to sleep, hunger, and more burdens than most of us face in our lives.

As the holidays come along I would like to remind everyone of their blessings and fortune, but also to be mindful of what others are facing. If

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ECONOMY: Gifts can support local small businesses

Re: “Hard to find U.S. made products” (letter, 11-8).

I couldn’t agree more. However, although American-made products are hard to find, we can still support local small businesses. Almost everyone sells gift certificates. How about a gift card to your local coffee shop, restaurant or pub? For your friends or family who like the outdoors, maybe a round of golf, a gift card to the local marina, lift tickets at one of our local ski resorts or a summer pass to Enchanted Village. Contact a local farrier and have someone’s special horses shod.

For the homebodies: a gift card

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