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HOLIDAYS: Is it time to honor all distinctions?

American society celebrates only two ethnic national holidays: St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. These days are on every calendar as honor to the Irish and Latinos. Bars and pubs decorate for the occasion while serving green beer, margaritas and ethnic dishes. We all enjoy these holidays. It’s a time to enjoy these cultural ascendancies.

America is a land of edifying diversity. Our heterogenous population migrated from every corner of the globe to settle in this land of freedom and opportunity. There are Brits, Scots, French, Italians, Spaniards, Norwegians, Austrians, Russians, Germans, Poles, Africans, Arabs, Indians, Koreans, Japanese, Canadians,

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THANKSGIVING: Keep this a day for family

I think we can all agree that the commercial cancer of Christmas has officially grown so large that it has now absorbed Thanksgiving completely. Not only did Christmas advertisements start in September this year, but the traditional Black Friday retail frenzy has made it into Thanksgiving afternoon, at least.

I predict a rapid social phenomenon in which Thanksgiving is moved to Friday and shopping becomes the focus of Thursday, when everyone has the day off. Indeed, I’m wondering if Halloween needs to start getting concerned about a loss of social value to the commercial grind of Christmas.

The problem with

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TACOMA: Expand on ice-skating venue

During the holidays we took our family ice skating in the ring at Tollefson Plaza. What fun!
It is great to see this space used and alive with music and people.

A suggestion: Why not enlist some of the farmer’s market vendors and start building a Christmas market like you find in all the cities in Europe.

Since the venue appears to be a success already in the first year, it might be an incentive for vendors who create Christmas decor, Christmas baked goods offered with hot cider, etc., to set up their tents around the market, even spilling

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HOLIDAYS: Appreciate cultural, religious differences

Re: “Atheists go too far” (online letter).

I thought that we might get through Christmas without the usual bickering, an idea which seems to have been overly optimistic. This year it’s the writer of this letter who has gone too far. He chose to lob the first volley in his little war. His letter is all about picking a fight and not about Christmas spirit.

Atheists are not the only ones who might take exception to being wished a merry Christmas. Many religions celebrate their own holidays this time of year. How wonderful it would be if everyone would

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HOLIDAYS: A solution to your fruitcake nightmare

It seems that holiday cookies are the most popular treat, according to the latest opinion poll, but what to do about fruitcake?

I have a suggestion: Send it to me, because I love it. Here is my mailing address:

Robert Randle
776 Commerce St. #B-11
Tacoma, WA 98402

P.S. Oh, by the way, thanks and merry Christmas.


HOLIDAYS: Fond memories of Salvation Army help

When I saw the photo of the Salvation Army bell ringer (TNT, 12-17), it brought back many memories of my childhood days.

My family consisted of an extended family: my mom, grandmother, two young aunts, and my own sister and brothers. We did not have much money, and we never expected too much at Christmas time. But every Christmas, without fail, the knock came on the door and, lo and behold, there was a basket filled with all kinds of goodies: oranges, apples, nuts, Christmas candy, a chicken, bread for stuffing and pumpkin for the pumpkin pie.

What a delight

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HOLIDAYS: Christmas is an American tradition

We are continually told what is politically correct, that we must be careful about what we say and how we display our religious beliefs, even if we are showing no particular religious sect, but only beliefs steeped in American tradition.

Christmas is an American tradition just as much as a religious holiday, celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians. To take away the decorated tree, poinsettias, Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas carols, or the nativity scene is to take away the heart of America.

This would be no different than if Mexico declared that the piñata can no longer be displayed or

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HOLIDAYS: Do what you can for the homeless

Last month, a teacher wrote of a homeless seventh-grader (letter, 11-18).

We hope the teacher realizes that her story touched our hearts and sparked something in us. Hopefully, we’re not the only ones who were emotionally moved.

It’s a difficult time we find ourselves in during this holiday season, and it’s time to help one another. We decided to “adopt” a couple of homeless families from our local junior high. Once our families found out, the donations quickly grew.

Our wish is for everyone to evaluate your own situation and, if possible, donate to those less fortunate.