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RELIGION: Don’t give coverage to bigotry

Re: “Justice brings his views of God and law to Tacoma” (TNT, 4-29).

The Pierce County Prayer Breakfast speaker, Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court, brings harsh and judgmental speech against the GLBT community in the U.S. He proudly and loudly condemns gays and same-sex marriage as being rejected by God and being against biblical teachings.

In his autobiography, Moore proudly speaks of the lessons his father taught him which included lessons “about honesty, integrity, perversion, and never to be ashamed of who you are or what you believe in, unless you are homosexual.”

I wonder, would the

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BUDGET: Line has to be drawn somewhere

Re: “Cuts already have been devastating” (letter, 12-2).

The vast majority of individuals with HIV/AIDS have engaged in high-risk behavior involving sexual activity or illicit drug use. Ignorance is no excuse as
the risks are common knowledge.

To engage in these activities is a personal choice. Of course, we all have the right to make choices, but we don’t always choose the consequences. Infected individuals are in a difficult spot brought on by their own choices and related actions.

This raises a difficult moral socio-economic and ethical question. Should taxpayers be put in the position of paying for

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BUDGET: Cuts already have been devastating

As the executive director of AIDS Housing Association of Tacoma (AHAT), I see daily how the cuts already implemented within our state have left social services bleeding and weakened. Further cuts will diminish our state’s ability to help its most vulnerable citizens as they fall through the holes of our shrinking safety net.

We are facing increased challenges in serving our clients due to decreases in adult dental care, Medicaid and Disability Lifeline. For AHAT’S clients, many of whom are disabled and unable to work, these cuts have been devastating.

At a recent town hall meeting with Department of Social

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