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CLINTON: Avoiding the press is not presidential

I recently listened to a number of Democrat pundits and campaign strategists discus why Hillary Clinton has been unwilling to take questions from the press. It’s clear they’re more interested in protecting and covering for her than in informing the American people.

To put it more bluntly, they are more interested in Clinton’s well-being than that of the American people. To take such a position is completely irresponsible, since having a well-informed electorate is of paramount importance in maintaining a strong and health country.

Avoiding the press is not presidential.


POLITICS: Voters need to exert their power

We are hearing a lot these days about conflicts of interest and large donations regarding Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The fact is that conflicts of interest and large donations happen every single day within all parties in our Congress.

These individual and corporate billionaires’ donations control our politicians and their votes on bills and programs that affect all of us. Since the U.S. Supreme Court will not put limits on this massive form of corruption, it is more important now more than ever that we do our own research in choosing who we elect to represent us.

This year, let’s

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TRANSPARENCY: Demand openness of officials

Re: “Kelley must come clean regarding investigation” (editorial, 3-29).

I personally share The News Tribune editorial board’s view about Troy Kelley’s need to address these issues now, rather than practicing the bunker mentality that so many government officials do. In fact, I would hope you demand the same from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concerning her “private” e-mail account.

We need our local and national media to express outrage every time we find a government official giving lip service to transparency and refusing to disclose. Without the media hounds chasing these officials, we’d never know when we had one “treed.”

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TRADE: Will US lose yet more jobs?

Re: “Give Obama authority to deliver Pacific trade pact” (editorial, 3-25).

I see the editorial board is getting its editorials from the land of make believe again.

Every time one of these sell-out agreements come around we see the same “trade liberalization … tends to create wealth by expanding markets.”

NAFTA destroyed millions of American jobs and businesses. It put thousands of small Mexican farmers out of business, forcing millions of them across our border.

Obama and his corporate allies claimed the “free trade” agreement with South Korea just a couple of years ago would provide economic growth and

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CLINTON: Truly nothing to see here

You used sarcasm to end your editorial about Hillary Clinton’s email controversy. But I truly believe there is “nothing to see here” and we should all move along.

This is not Watergate. This is not the Iran-contra debacle or imagined weapons of mass destruction. Why weren’t questions raised years ago when the first government official received communication from the secretary of state @clintonemail.com?

I can’t help but surmise that the “vast right-wing conspiracy” once again has Clinton in its sights.


ELECTION: Hillary Clinton is irrelevant

Hillary Clinton’s campaign won’t implode because of her emails, or Bengazi, or any of the old Clinton scandals, but because she is irrelevant. If the Democrats don’t find an alternative, they will lose in 2016.

Clinton is not so much a personality as an average: an average of 10,000 focus groups. She has sold her soul for the safety of the political center, which has drifted so far to the right that she has lost her identity as a liberal or a Democrat.

Clinton and Jeb Bush are virtually indistinguishable to me: a single ticket running for the corporate party, combining

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OBAMA: A litany of missed opportunities

One can argue with the polls, including the most recent pegging Barack Obama as the worst president since World War II. However, it is clear that even in his base there is dissatisfaction with his presidency.

For me the dissatisfaction comes down to the disappointment of historic opportunities lost in three areas.

• No other president has come into office with the prestige and opportunity that goes with winning a Nobel Prize. Obama could have used that and put his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, in charge of major diplomatic missions to bring peace to the war-torn parts of the

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ELECTION: If not Hillary, then who will run?

The mainstream media and progressive political pundits have already created a slobbering love affair with Hillary Clinton and have anointed her as the guiding light of the Democratic Party in 2016. She is out blabbing about her new book, appearing on every talk show, putting herself in the spotlight and talking like a presidential candidate. Yet she has not announced her intentions.

The question is: If not Hillary, then who can it be? Joe Biden? He’s a walking, talking gaffe machine. Harry Reid? They’ll need a corkscrew to bury him because he is so crooked. Elizabeth Warren? She is too

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