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TACOMA: Don’t penalize top students

My granddaughter, who has always received top grades in her classes, just completed the sixth grade at Truman Middle School, earning straight As in all her “highly capable” classes. She has just been informed that she no longer qualifies for the “highly capable” classes because she didn’t do so well on her standardized tests.

Maybe she didn’t feel well that day, or maybe she freezes up during testing. As a mature and responsible student, she should be commended for her top grades, not penalized.

Which of our highly esteemed educators made this decision? No wonder the taxpayers are tired of

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SCHOOLS: Food for thought about Highly Capable programs

Re: “Programs for gifted students need to be more inclusive” (Your Voice, 7-1).

The writer starts off with a proposition that no one disagrees with: “Focus on inequities of access to Highly Capable program.” But then he goes on to flail at teachers, citing spurious statistics from unnamed sources about above-grade age eligibility unfairness, predicting that 50 to 75 percent of gifted children identified in second grade would lose their giftedness by sixth grade.

Here’s food for thought:

• The best teachers are not only in HC Programs. They exist throughout the district in some very successful public schools.

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