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HELMETS: Preventing brain damage is cost-effective

Re: “Study has several problems” (letter, 2-26).

The writer says that a Centers for Disease Control study fails to explain where any savings is gained by requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets.

Let me explain it. If you fall off your motorcycle and die, from any cause, it is relatively inexpensive for society. If you fall off and survive with injuries other than brain damage, it is a bit more expensive for society. But if you fall off and scramble your brains and live, it is extremely expensive to maintain you for the rest of your life.

That is

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HELMETS: Promote personal responsibility

The Milton City Council made the right call in deciding to do away with the helmet law (TNT, 5-28). This is supposed to be a free county. We send our troops to fight and bleed promoting freedom yet don’t let our own citizens have freedom right here at home?

Part of freedom is having personal responsibility. Wearing a helmet is common sense. I would not ride my motorcycle without a helmet even if I were to be so unfortunate as to be in Arizona. It has no helmet law, yet the laws of physics still apply. It seems one

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HELMETS: Avoid possible tragic ending

Regardless whether you are for or against the Milton City Council’s decision to drop the city’s helmet law (TNT, 5-28), I have a couple of brief stories.

Several years ago I was mountain biking down Crystal Mountain and took a spill into a pile of very large rocks. I had many scratches and bruises but, more important to this story, I had a very large dent in my helmet and it really rang my bell. Without the helmet it would likely have been tragic.

A few years ago, a good friend bought a bike. We took a ride together.

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MILTON: City Council shows irresponsibility

I read the bizarre logic in the article (TNT, 5-28) on the repeal of Milton’s helmet law and was shocked at the irresponsibility of this action by the City Council.

In a state that was the first to pass the Zachery Lystead law protecting youth from concussions and its impact nationwide, this action demonstrates a disregard of care and concern for our youth.

As a active participant in the education and awareness of concussions on our youth, this action tells the youth of Milton that its City Council has no regard for this public health issue that some would

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MILTON: Helmet law shouldn’t be repealed

It greatly saddens me to see Milton repeal its helmet law based on suspect advice from its insurance provider (TNT, 5-28).

Each traumatic brain injury costs society millions of dollars even if the injured person has sufficient medical insurance. I know several mothers who have lost their sons to skateboard accidents. Helmet laws are a very wise public health measure.

I help out a traumatic brain injury victim. He went through a car window at age 21 while riding his bike without benefit of a helmet. He is now 48 year years old and will never recover, although he

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