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PUYALLUP: Council wrong to hike utility rates

On Feb. 4, for the second time in the past year with little fanfare and less explanation, the Puyallup City Council raised our utility rates with a narrow 4 to 3 vote.

This action represents a continuing rampage of destruction for this young council. Through their actions this year the council has proudly and ignorantly declared that our city is not the place to raise a family, start or run a business, retire or get a job.

There was no investigation into or attempt to eliminate the waste and overhead in the utility department. Despite the fact we have some

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PUYALLUP: Heather Shadko right on issues and leadership

Heather Shadko is the right choice for Puyalllup City Council in District 2. She is right on the issues and has the kind of leadership style we desperately need in Puyallup.

Shadko is truly nonpartisan with experience listening to all sides. Four years on the Planning Commission, 10 years on the Library Board, 10 years as a Girl Scout leader, five years volunteering for Conservation District projects, a business degree, a great parent, and working professionally as a contracts and procurement specialist. Could we ask for more?

Shadko is also right on the issues. Her experience shows she’ll build us

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PUYALLUP: Heather Shadko has experience, expertise

Heather Shadko is an excellent candidate for the Puyallup City Council. She would bring a great deal of experience to the job, having served on the Library Board for more than nine years and the Planning Commission for more than three years, as well as on other boards and task forces.

As part of those committees and as a concerned citizen, she has attended many council meetings to make reports and comment on issues. She will give both sides of an issue a fair hearing and listen to her constituents’ concerns.

Shadko has a strong commitment to the local environment.

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PUYALLUP: Heather Shadko will bring Integrity to City Councili

I was born, raised, and now have my home and business in Puyallup, and I care deeply for this community. We are practical, hard-working people who want safe neighborhoods, effective infrastructure and dedicated, respectful leaders.

Heather Shadko is committed to all of those things. She is a devoted leader as evidenced by her years of local service – 10 years on the Library Board (two years as chair) and four years on the Planning Commission. She has worked hard for good things in this community such as volunteering with neighborhood rain gardens and as a Girl Scout leader for 10

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PUYALLUP: Heather Shadko’s best for City Council

Re: “TNT got it right – in one race” (letter, 10-18).

I suspect that the letter writer has not spent much time with Heather Shadko, candidate for Puyallup City Council District 2, who was recently endorsed by The News Tribune. Had he done so, he would know that she is indeed the best choice for this City Council position.

Although not a native of Puyallup, Shadko’s roots in the community go deep. She began her involvement in the community 15 years ago as a Girl Scout leader, then moved onto the larger stage with her appointment to Puyallup’s Library

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PUYALLUP: City Council needs fresh voices

The News Tribune editorial board got it right when it endorsed Heather Shadko and Julie Door for Puyallup City Council (editorial, 10-17).

I would have liked to see Corry Glucoft endorsed as well for the District 1 council position.

The editorial did note that her opponent consistently aligns himself with council members Rick Hansen, John Knutsen and Steve Vermillion. This foursome has created a troublesome majority, a lot of dissension and uncivilized behavior on the council.

Glucoft would bring a fresh voice to the council, with new ideas and vision for the city. The TNT referred to Glucoft as

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PUYALLUP: Shadko would bring credibility to council

What is the job of a City Council member? It is to serve all the city residents by assuring the services of a city are properly budgeted and operated – not to serve the interests of select downtown business owners, developers, and their own pockets and egos.

Voters in Puyallup have the opportunity to elect council members who have the interest of all 30,000 citizens, whether it is public safety, infrastructure, utilities or recreation resources.

The past two years have seen Puyallup regularly shamed on the news with one scandal after another. Whether it’s sexual harassment, the Josh Powell burial

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PUYALLUP: Shadko is the right choice for City Council

I ran for the Puyallup City Council four years ago. I lost the election, it was close, but I won by getting involved with the Puyallup Food Bank and Daffodil Valley Kiwanis Club. Being involved in helping our neighbors is very rewarding.

When I was door-belling during my campaign, I met Heather Shadko. We agreed on the reasons I had for running for the council: getting involved in our community. She came out and waved signs for me on numerous occasions. She had been active already with the library.

She has now been on the Planning Commission for over three

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