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OBAMACARE: Leftists in panic mode over CBO report

Paul Krugman’s column (TNT, 2-13) and the accompanying cartoon are simply dishonest rewrites of the Obama White House’s far-left talking points and are trying to salvage Obamacare after a devastating CBO report that determined that Obamacare would result in more lost jobs that had previously been thought.

Krugman writes, “It has always been clear that health reform will induce some Americans to work less.” Unfortunately, it can’t be both ways. Obama and most other leftists disputed the original CBO report and claimed that Obamacare would be good for the economy and jobs.

The cartoon with the Krugman column mocked

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HEALTH: All deserve freedom of choice

The state House is way out of line in requiring insurers to cover elective abortions (TNT, 2-6). This isn’t just about morality or freedom of conscience. It’s about cost.

The primary purpose of insurance is to protect income and assets in case of a traumatic event, like getting cancer or being in a car wreck. Insurance isn’t supposed to cover “elective” anything.

When we use health insurance, we aren’t just paying doctors, nurses or hospitals. We’re basically hiring a team of secretaries, accountants, agents, lawyers and administrators to negotiate and pay our bills for us. This makes insurance incredibly

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BIRTH CONTROL: Hope common sense prevails

Employer provided health insurance is a benefit that the employer has decided to offer (or has negotiated if the employees belong to a union). As far as I know, there is not a law that requires employers to provide health insurance.

But now it has been decided that if they decide to provide this benefit, “big brother” is going to tell him what has to be covered in the policy. If contraception has to be covered, what is next? Mandatory coverage of abortion?

What is an employer to do if his beliefs do not him allow to pay for such

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HEALTH CARE: Keep freedom of choice

Re: “The individual mandate” (TNT, 11-27).

Professor Walter Zelman asks,”Why is it so troubling that the government is requiring responsible individuals to purchase what they would purchase anyway?”

As a retired military officer and combat veteran, I was precluded from being actively engaged in political matters for much of my professional life. Now I can publicly answer Zelman’s question.

It is troubling because the freedom of choice that many of us served to protect is being eroded. Whether the health care reform is good or bad for the economy should be decided on its merits.

Some of his questions

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HEALTH CARE: Policy shouldn’t be so expensive

I want to buy health insurance. But I can’t afford it. Why?

My wife and I are in our late 50s. If I want to buy health insurance I’m required to buy acupuncture, chiropractic, gynecology, pre- and post-natal coverage and several other coverages I have no interest in.

Why can’t I buy an insurance plan that suits me and not the social plans of the state?
Why can’t I work with an insurance company to give me a cafeteria of options which I want and am willing to pay for without the state dictating what I can buy?


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ABORTION: Insurers’ actions reducing access

Re: “Abortion foes capitalize on health law they fought” (TNT, 5-17)

So reproductive health is not part of our overall health? Allowing private insurers to ban coverage of elective abortion procedures is an assault on women’s health. Did you know that one in three women in the United States will have an abortion by the age 45? And nearly half of all pregnancies are unplanned?

We are in a recession. People don’t have jobs, don’t have money, don’t have health insurance and can hardly support themselves. The costs on both the woman and society are much higher than the cost

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