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GOP: Stop the attacks and get to business

Here we go again. As with health care and now with immigration reform, a Republican majority Congress cannot or will not address this pressing need, so our president must act. And, as with health care, so now with immigration reform, congressional Republicans continue to refuse to tackle this issue.

Instead of doing their jobs and actually drafting legislation to address immigration reform (or health care or anything for that matter), congressional Republicans prefer to threaten to shut down the Department of Homeland Security, putting America’s safety at risk and jeopardizing the morale and financial security of hundreds of thousands of

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LAWSUIT: Misdiagnosis is all too common

Re: “Wife of golf course architect who died sues physician” (TNT, 1-22).

My doctor also misdiagnosed me with reflux when in fact I have a rare heart condition. I strongly suspect that the correct diagnosis would not have been made by now had I continued with the first doctor. With the fifth doctor I felt good about our connection from the first visit.

Be an advocate for yourself and trust how you feel. I hope that Teresa Harbottle feels support from the Lakewood community, as her decision to sue is 100 percent valid.


OBAMA: It’s important to set broad goals

Re: The State of the Union address.

What is wrong with expressing a broad vision of the future? If we can’t even set goals then we get caught up in details that seemingly go nowhere. Far from being “cutesy,” as writer called it, it is an important aid as to where we want the nation to go.

Instead of constantly repeating the mantra of “no new taxes,” “no big government,” “no – whatever,” I would appreciate one major speech from the GOP that outlined Republicans’ goals for education, health care, insurance coverage, wage equality, Cuba relations, etc. It can’t just be “Don’t

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FLU: Wrong to force vaccine on workers

Re: “Flu vaccine’s a no-brainer for health care workers” (editorial, 1-9).

Perhaps our entire nation should be forcibly vaccinated. I am fairly certain that the immuno-suppressed and nonvaccinated may be found everywhere, not only in hospitals. Why are nurses being threatened with losing employment when patients coming to the hospital are not vaccinated before they arrive?

Should not schoolteachers, grocery clerks, bartenders, barbers and newspaper reporters likewise be forced to submit to a yearly dose of an untested substance? When vaccinate or terminate becomes the norm, we are all in trouble.

By the way, I am a registered nurse (31 years), politically liberal

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HEALTH CARE: Hold providers accountable

I’d like to share components of House Bill 1519 in an effort to encourage public support and awareness of this legislation.

The Health Care & Wellness Committee passed House Bill 1519 in April 2013. This bill establishes accountability measures for service coordination organizations. Regional support networks, agencies on aging, Medicaid managed-care organizations and county substance abuse programs will be held accountable for how service is being provided and delivered to clients.

Individuals seeking health care should not be passed off to the next care provider without having first exhausted all possible efforts.

Under HB 1519, the Health Care Authority and the Department

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VA: Local facilities delivered quality care

With the current negative publicity and heightened focus on all Veterans Affairs hospitals and their staff, I felt compelled to voice my perspective on my personal experience with American Lake and Seattle VA hospitals.

I am a 66-year-old Vietnam-era veteran. I have been fortunate to have had good health over the years but recently experienced pain in my left hip and sacroiliac joint. My military experience 40-some years ago included duty as a paratrooper.

The physicians at American Lake VA hospital ordered X-rays and diagnosed the root cause of my pain as a hip or a sacroiliac problem. Further X-rays

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MULTICARE: Care being cut along with costs?

Re: “Amid record profits, MultiCare plans cuts” (TNT, 11-9).

Now we can add MultiCare Health Systems to the list of corporations that solve their supposed problems by laying off staff. I’d like to see what it says in management’s bonus plans regarding cost reductions.

It’s difficult to believe that this “cost-cutting” measure won’t significantly affect quality of service. Multi-Care should consider that we patients are its customers and expect a reasonable standard of service, and that there is a connection between employee loyalty and customer loyalty.

This company may be riding a wave now but may have quite an

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HEALTH CARE: Doomsayers being proved wrong

Re: “Health act costs businesses a lot less than feared” (TNT, 10-20).

Contrary to all dire predictions, the Affordable Care Act has not created massive job losses due to costs. According to the article, this year represents the lowest increase in premiums to corporations in more than 16 years. Likewise, the massive layoffs predicted by the Chamber of Commerce because of this law never occurred.

The doom-and-gloom predictions have failed to materialize in the marketplace. Care costs are also slowing due to the recognition that set prices for various procedures are not negotiable under the law..

At some point, people

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