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LAKEWOOD: Medical care seems lacking

Recently I relocated to Lakewood from South Bend, Indiana. As a retired nurse and patient, I am surprised at what appears to be a lack of up-to-date medical facilities in Lakewood.

Indiana has one-stop medical clinics. All physicians including specialists are located in one facility. The lab, X-rays, MRIs, etc. are located in the same building. Rarely do you need to leave the building for care.

The clinics are large, so ill patients do not transmit illness easily. Appointments are easily made, and physicians are graded on the quality of care given.

I have had no luck finding a physician

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VA: Shinseki’s only a scapegoat

Poor Eric Shinseki – for whom I hold no particular brief. He is the designated spear catcher to distract from problems that are inherent in, and intrinsic to, large, unionized government bureaucracies. The problems we have seen are particularly prevalent in the area of government-provided health care, although “provided” may be too strong a word, since lack of provision is the issue.

Britain’s National Health Service did something exactly analogous to the Veterans Affairs secret waiting lists, and for the same reason: to “comply” with regulations requiring timely treatment of patients. In that case, patients were parked in ambulances outside

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ACA: Health care should be a right, not a privilege

Over the last couple of years I have heard a lot about the Affordable Care Act, yet never truly understood it. I kept hearing about deadlines for signing up for health insurance, but as a college freshman I did not think that it applied to me.

This past month while on spring break, I dealt with the stress of getting health coverage under the Affordable Care Act in order to avoid a penalty. With a job that only paid minimum wage, I was not sure how I would be able to afford health insurance. However, due to my low income,

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HEALTH CARE: Steps easier said than done

Re: “Program pushes wellness for state workers” (TNT, 4-21).

Washington’s new wellness plan is a good step in not only reducing some health care costs, but in also promoting healthy living for all citizens.

Not only will citizens who enroll in this plan get money off of their deductible, but they will become healthier by doing it. In turn, I think that by putting more effort into being healthy, they will have less costs going towards care, saving them even more money.

With this being said, I think implementing this plan is going to be a more difficult task

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HEALTH CARE: It’s a human need, not a human right.

Re: “To fix health care, recognize it’s a right first” (TNT, 4-9)

Michael Gerson insists that, in America, some minimal health care has always been a “right.” Not only is he wrong, but defining health care as a right is fundamentally flawed in a way that will cripple patient care.

We can argue about what rights Americans have, but rights by nature are things inherent in simply being human. Humans do not inherently have health care. It’s something humans have to go out and get. It’s a human need, not a human right.

The whole history of mankind shows

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ACA: Administration actions stupid, unconstitutional

Health insurance is not health care. The Democrats need to write that on the blackboard 50 times.

By the time we all foot the bill for the Obamacare bureaucracy, there won’t be enough money left to pay the doctors!

An insurance card is just a piece of paper. It can’t guarantee health care if the providers go out of business. The liberals are destroying our medical system for the sake of imposing their anti-Christian, pro-abortion ideology on the American people.

The recent actions of the Obama administration relating to the Affordable Care Act are unconstitutional, dictatorial and just plain stupid.

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ACA: We’re all in this health care thing together

Re: “For many, plan is far from affordable” (letter, 3-28).

The writer laments, “My husband and I are now forced to purchase insurance which not only includes birth control, but maternity care, newborn care, family planning, pediatric dental and vision, etc., which are useless to us at age 60.”

We hear this often from some in our society: The idea that they should not be required to pay for government services that they do not use, such as their property taxes going to pay for schools when they themselves are childless.

People over 60 incur many of their own

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ACA: New coverage is hardly affordable care

Last fall, the school district my husband worked for switched health-care providers in order to find a better fit cost-wise due to implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The result was that our cost of insurance for my husband and children remained reasonable while my portion spiraled up hundreds of dollars.

In order to make it on one paycheck, I dropped my insurance. With the deadline looming, I find it interesting that to enroll in an insurance program with the lowest payment would cost me $237 per month subject to a $5,250 deductible.

The primary reason I need insurance is

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