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BIRTH CONTROL: Debate boils down to basic fairness

Re: “GOP senators fail to reverse birth control rule” (TNT, 3-1).

The defeat of the Blunt Amendment proves that, to most reasonable Americans, birth control is not an issue. If the amendment had passed, employers could choose to opt out of covering not only birth control but any health service in the Affordable Care Act they deemed to be immoral.

Contraception is basic health care, similar to other preventative medicine such as medication for heart disease. This debate boils down to an issue of basic fairness and equity. Contraception is used by 85 percent of women at some point

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KOMEN: Parker confuses issues of conscience

Columnist Kathleen Parker (TNT, 2-5) asserts that reaction to the Susan G. Komen foundation action and the rule including contraceptive care in health care “tread on fundamental freedoms” of “conscience and religious liberty.”

While Parker’s columns can be interesting, she has missed the mark on this one. She confuses the rights of individuals with organizational obligations.

While Komen is legally free to decide how to distribute the money it receives, that money is obtained from individuals choosing to fight breast cancer and improve women’s health. The reaction to Komen’s decision by thousands of those same individuals who choose not

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RELIGION: Defy mandate with civil disobedience

Re: “Insurance decision formally declares war on religion” (Michael Gerson column, 1-31).

Gerson calls our attention to the Obama administration’s recent decision to compel Christian organizations in general (and Catholic institutions in particular) to pay for health insurance covering abortifacients (drugs or devices used to cause abortion).

Which calls for one response – and only one: civil disobedience.

But doesn’t the Bible command believers to obey civil authorities? Indeed it does, as it recognizes that orderly governance of any society promotes the common good. This is why we pay taxes, however unpalatable that might be.

So what is the

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HEALTH CARE: Keep freedom of choice

Re: “The individual mandate” (TNT, 11-27).

Professor Walter Zelman asks,”Why is it so troubling that the government is requiring responsible individuals to purchase what they would purchase anyway?”

As a retired military officer and combat veteran, I was precluded from being actively engaged in political matters for much of my professional life. Now I can publicly answer Zelman’s question.

It is troubling because the freedom of choice that many of us served to protect is being eroded. Whether the health care reform is good or bad for the economy should be decided on its merits.

Some of his questions

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HEALTH CARE: Don’t compare to auto insurance

Re: “Health mandate needs fast track in federal court” (editorial, 12-14).

Your view on the constitutionality of the individual mandate is short-term thinking at it’s best, and using liability insurance as your justification is invalid.

The only thing in common between auto insurance and the new health insurance reform is that they both have “insurance” in the title.

Auto insurance is mandated independently by each state. It is not federally mandated, as is appropriate since this power was never granted to the federal government in the Constitution. Auto insurance is still voluntary. You are only legally required to have auto

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SHARIA: Oklahoma reflects a larger picture

Re: “Oklahomans tremble and hand terrorists a victory” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 12-1).

As ridiculous as it is, it should come as no surprise that Oklahoma passed a measure outlawing Sharia law. It is symptomatic of a response that has become all too common throughout the country.

In 2004 John Kerry, a genuine war hero, had his presidential campaign against a bumbling and incompetent George W. Bush sabotaged with lies and distortions by an organized group that became known as the Swift Boaters.

President Obama’s campaign for president gave rise to charges that he was a Muslim who had been

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ELECTION: Incumbents shouldn’t have shied away from Obamacare

Re: “Most want to keep plan, survey says” (TNT, 11-23).

It is unfortunate that the large number of Democrats who lost their seats in the recent election were apparently not aware of this. If they had only known that the majority of voters liked Obamacare, they could have said so during their campaign rather than avoiding the subject.

If they had just let the voters know, they probably would have been re-elected. Obviously, the voters have changed their minds about Obamacare since November.


HEALTH CARE: ‘Reform’ will be painful

Everything predicted to happen to our health care system as a result of the “Affordable Care Act” is coming true.

This massive overreaching bill which was not shown to the public until after it was passed primarily along party lines is already changing the future of medical care in ways that are going to be harmful to patients, families, workers, employers, hospitals, doctors and our economy. It is changing long term planning in businesses, hospitals, medical doctors in training and medical practices as steps are already being taken to prepare for an abysmal future.

In primary care, we expect to

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