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BUDGET: Republicans welcome sequester pain

In a few days, a far-right Republican cult will allow the budget sequester to go into effect and fulfill their dream of sabotaging Barack Obama’s presidency.

They had a chance to work on a compromise last week, but since Republicans control the congressional schedule, they opted for a “work week” and forced everyone in the House to leave.

President Obama has a deficit-reduction package on the table of half taxes, half budget cuts. Nothing could be more fair and balanced. But Republicans won’t deal.

When poor children in Head Start programs and their teachers are denied education and employment, Republicans

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HEAD START: Sequestration cuts will affect everyone

I have had two children attend Head Start. Head Start is a high quality early education program that not only focuses on children’s school readiness but helps the whole family get back on their feet so they can become contributing members of their community.

This program helped me return to school to complete my bachelor’s degree and has given my children a safe, nurturing environment where they learned life skills to be prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

In January 2013, if Congress doesn’t agree to a deficit-reduction plan, $1.2 trillion in cuts will be achieved through sequestration – automatic, across-the-board

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EDUCATION: Care providers can offer insights

Re: “For kindergartners, a big day” (TNT, 9-6).

Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WAKIDS) is a great transition-to-school program for new kindergartners across Washington state. One thing the program is still missing, however, is the unique perspective child-care providers can contribute.

Many children come to elementary school on the first day already having had “early childhood education” with Head Start, Early Head Start, ECEAP (Washington’s Head Start equivalent), or child care in a licensed family home or child-care center.

According to our data, approximately 175,000 children are in child care on any given day in Washington. The providers

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HEAD START: Why cut program that works?

Re: “Mixed reviews at home for GOP budget cuts” (TNT, 2-26).

Head Start makes a fundamental, quantifiable difference in the lives of children. Benefit cost ratios of comprehensive early learning programs ranged from $3 to $17 for every $1 invested. If we are about smart government and balanced budgets, why are we not investing in what works?

Children at risk who attend Head Start do better than those who don’t. They are less likely to need remedial education, less likely to have behavior concerns, less likely to become juvenile delinquents, less likely to be on welfare or in prison.


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HEAD START: Program helps kids succeed

I am 14 years old and in ninth grade at Franklin Pierce High School.

When I was 4, I went to Head Start. I feel the Head Start program has greatly helped me in school. In kindergarten I remember being able to do ABCs, numbers and color games; my friend, who didn’t go to Head Start, could not.

I am in the honors program and play soccer. I have decided I want to be a lawyer and help kids. I am going to do the Running Start program in a year. Besides helping me with education, Head Start has helped

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