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CONGRESS: Republicans aren’t so easy to herd

Re: “Republicans in Congress adrift, out of control” (Eugene Robinson column, 3-17).

Robinson suggests that the Democratic Party, as directed by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, looks like a model of unity and discipline when compared to the Republican Party.

It is easier to lead a herd whose common and primary goal is bigger government. When in charge, we know that those two generally did not allow legislation that did not lead to that goal to arrive at President Obama’s desk. Legislators who positively contribute individually to the entrepreneurial spirit are more difficult to corral.


ELECTION: GOP reacted petulantly to Obama

Re: “Enough with all the whining” (letter, 11-14).

The writer states that the job performance of President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and their cohorts was unfavorable with the majority of voters. Included was the statement that “there will be other elections.”

Translation: “You win some, you lose some. Stop whining when you lose.”

But the GOP didn’t heed that advice. On the day that President Obama was sworn in, top Republicans were already plotting to undermine everything the new president tried to do. The same action was taken after Obama’s re-election of President Obama.


ELECTION: Obama is not listening to what voters said

The November midterm election is a turning point for the Obama liberal agenda. The people spoke through their vote, and the answer is very clear. The Democratic agenda led by Barack Obama and Harry Reid is not acceptable.

Our political system is demanding a change of direction. America is not happy with the political manipulation by the power within the Democratic Party. If it was working then everybody would have swept them back into power once again. But that didn’t happen.

Obama’s worst nightmare happened. The Republicans won control of the Senate, Reid is no longer in charge and the

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ELECTION: Enough with all the whining

I’d like to respond to the letter-writer who believes that the recent election results did not accurately reflect the feelings of the American people, but rather were an indication that those evil, racist, powerful, ignorant conservatives somehow hijacked the process (letter, 11-11).

Can I just say: “Wow! Really?”

Here’s my simpler explanation for the lopsided results: A majority of American voters, many of whom are intelligent and non-racist, are dissatisfied with the job performance of President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and their cohorts, and want to see a change.

The letter writer might comfort himself in the

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ELECTION: Democrats in total denial

It was predictable. President Obama and the Democrats are in total denial over the Republican victory in the midterm election.

President Obama stated he didn’t sell his economic accomplishments well enough. While campaigning, he listed a host of statistics. Don Shula, former coach of the Miami Dolphins, said years ago that ”statistics are for losers.” The American people couldn’t care less about statistics but they do care about take-home pay. Average wages for middle-class Americans have stagnated or gone down under Obama.

Democrats are telling us this was an election about nothing and that only around 36 percent of voters actually voted.

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HANFORD: GOP victory would help Washington

Radioactive sludge is moving towards the Columbia River (TNT, 10-16).

For years the federal government has studied and determined that the best storage for the radioactive Hanford waste is at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. As long as Harry Reid is Senate majority leader, that storage facility won’t happen.

A Republican majority in the Senate will remove Reid and his bloc and prevent that poison waste from seeping into the Columbia. Leaving that waste at Hanford threatens the whole Pacific Northwest.


GUNS: Harry Reid is right about rich donors

The funding lining up to support Initiative 594 reads like an A-list of the Democratic elite: former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, $1 million; Bill and Melinda Gates, $1 million; Nick Hanauer, $1 million; Steve and Connie Ballmer, $600,000; Paul Allen, $500,000.

I personally thought Costco using our state initiative process to change the liquor business was reprehensible, but the funding for I-594 is nothing short of perversion.

It’s my understanding the initiative process was put in place to give the citizens of Washington state an avenue to make or amend laws, not for corporations to increase profit or for wealthy political ideologues to

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OBAMACARE: What’s with all the delays?

To avoid another wave of health-care policy cancellations, which would devastate the Democrats prior to the 2014 midterm elections, President Obama is proposing yet another delay of the coverage mandate.

Delay after delay. The Affordable Care Act has now become a political football. Obama is the team owner and is forced to punt and play defense. The Democrats are hard-pressed to defend a bill they applauded.

I have one question for Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and all the other liberal Democrats who approved this legislation. If the Affordable Care Act is so beneficial to America, why delay its

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