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ELECTION: Which Zeiger is on the ballot?

Recently I received a nice little flier asking me to vote for Hans Zeiger for state representative in the 25th District. The bigger question for me is which Hans Zeiger are we voting for?

He’s written more than 150 articles in publications like WordNetDaily accusing public schools of being cesspools of liberalism, accused liberals of being traitors, that his God is necessary for patriotism, and that groups like the Boy Scouts need to discriminate against atheists and gay people to uphold American values and that the Girl Scouts allow homosexuals and atheists to join their ranks, and have become a

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ELECTION: 25th District needs Eric Renz

People living in the 25th Legislative District deserve better representation than they are getting from state Rep. Hans Zeiger, now seeking re-election.

In his first term, Zeiger defeated Rep. Dawn Morrell by 29 votes because of lazy voters, others who had seen him speak at a high school graduation ceremony and knew nothing of his background but did not support a proven, active candidate. They did not support him because of any leadership qualities or an understanding of the needs of this district, but he won because of the lack of commitment of the district voters to good representation.


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ROADS: Give priority to potholes and schools

Re: “Don’t forget about widening SR 162″ (letter, 4-28).

A couple of weeks back I attended a town hall meeting at the Puyallup library, called by state Reps. Hans Zeiger and Dawn Morrell and state Sen. Bruce Dammeier. I mentioned to them that we in Tacoma and Pierce County could not afford to be taxed for highway extensions. We had school levies that had been voted down, and our least able neighbors have had their bus service cut back.

The roads in Tacoma are dangerous to drive on. There is no money in Tacoma to fix the roads. When

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ELECTION: Zeiger misleads on education support

I was shocked to receive a mailing from 25th District Rep. Hans Zeiger claiming that he “stands for teachers” and “is an advocate for teachers.”

This is shocking since he wrote, in a 2003 Seattle Times op-ed, “Having been a part of both the home-school movement and the public-school morass, I would now go so far as to recommend that parents not place their children in a public school at all.”

Being a public school educator for 24 years, I find Zeiger’s statements regarding public school disgusting and disrespectful to the majority of us who went to public schools, sent

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ELECTION: Community lost, along with Morrell

The 25th legislative district race is finally over. This race polarized our community, and unfortunately our community has lost.

I would like to commend Dawn Morrell for four terms of dedicated service. As a nurse, she worked hard to care for all of us and yet found the time, energy, and compassion to fight for us in the Legislature. She was vilified for voting for taxes, taxes that paid for services that our community uses and needs. She was an advocate for the less fortunate and fought for equity when it was not the politically popular thing to do. That

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ELECTION: Ethics breach in the 25th District

Pierce County taxpayers have teachers at Puyallup and Rogers high schools to thank for the anticipated expenditure of $100,000 for the coming recount of ballots in the 25th District legislative race between Dawn Morrell and Hans Zeiger.

Zeiger was given illegal access to school facilities when he was the speaker at the May Puyallup High School graduation ceremony involving 408 seniors and their parents and spoke to debate and civics classes. Paraphrasing state RCW 42.17.130: No public employee may authorize use of public facilities for the purpose of assisting a campaign for election of any person. Zeiger should have known

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ELECTION: Morrell should concede in the 25th

Re: “Legislative fight in 25th not over yet” (TNT, 11-17).

“I shouldn’t be out doing this when Christmas lights are out,” Morrell said of her efforts to verify the identities of her voters whose signatures did not match the computer record at the Pierce County auditor’s office.

Forgive me for saying so, but state Rep. Dawn Morrell sounds like “the sunshine patriot” in Thomas Paine’s “The American Crisis.”

Concluding her campaign on a note of apathy, Morrell wonders whether she wants to win, “because it’s going to be a tough year.”

Someone will have to deal with the state’s budget

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ELECTION: Don’t judge Zeiger too quickly

Having known Zeiger for several years, I confess a bias that some say erases my ability to clearly judge him as a candidate. I also admit, however, that as a younger candidate for 25th district state representative, Zeiger’s seemingly little “experience” reduced my confidence in his run for office. What we have come to expect for a candidate’s age and accomplishments created doubt about his legitimacy, but I soon changed my mind.

There is now no doubt that our district needs Zeiger to be elected this November. After researching our current “representative” and her record, I cannot believe that we

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