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HANFORD: GOP victory would help Washington

Radioactive sludge is moving towards the Columbia River (TNT, 10-16).

For years the federal government has studied and determined that the best storage for the radioactive Hanford waste is at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. As long as Harry Reid is Senate majority leader, that storage facility won’t happen.

A Republican majority in the Senate will remove Reid and his bloc and prevent that poison waste from seeping into the Columbia. Leaving that waste at Hanford threatens the whole Pacific Northwest.


ENERGY: Do we really want more nuclear reactors?

According to The Capitol Record: “Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlatch, supported SB 5991 and said Washington is missing out on money the federal government has been investing in nuclear power in other states.

Senate Bill 5991 passed 34-15. It would have to be approved by the House of Representatives and signed by the governor before becoming law.

Nobody can convince me that nuclear anything is safe. We can’t even handle the Fukushima disaster, which is contaminating the world right now. Nor can we handle the Hanford disaster in this state. When scientists figure out how to stop this continuing disaster and

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ENERGY: Hanford’s ideal for nuclear innovation

Re: “Small, modular reactors for Hanford?” (editorial, 1-7).

Congratulations on the editorial suggesting that we look at supporting a new nuclear industry in Washington state. You are right that Hanford is an ideal location for nuclear innovators. Your facts and arguments about nuclear power being safer than coal are solid.

The only item that gave a wrong impression was the paragraph stating that conventional reactors have an Achilles’ heel of requiring pumped cooling water in an emergency, and the new smaller reactors are safer because they have passive cooling incorporated into their design.

The nuclear power industry started including

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HANFORD: Limit public’s access to B Reactor

Re: “Hanford’s B Reactor: A park haunted by the 20th century” (editorial, 8-20).

I believe the B Reactor is fine the way it is, and I believe it’s a mistake to turn it into a park.

I visited the B Reactor in 2009. At that time, public tours were infrequent, space was limited and reservations were hard to come by. My tour group found the building very much as it was when shut down in 1968, save for the necessary clean-up work. There was little sign the place had become a museum.

In the control room, I stood inches

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