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GUNS: How can we be free when ruled by fear?

Our president has stood at the podium 14 times about gun violence against innocent America citizens. How many children, families and churchgoers do we have to bury and still claim we are free? Shopping malls, movie theaters, elementary schools, universities and now a house of worship have been the sites of mass shootings.

One board member of the NRA blamed the fallen pastor for not allowing weapons in church. The quality of that logic is revolting.

I am weary of being angry about good people dying for the Second Amendment. I suggest that those with guns join that “well-armed militia” that the

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GUNS: I-594 a step in the right direction

Washington state has taken a step in the right direction towards having a serious conversation about the escalation of gun violence in our country. We lead the world in gun violence causing the deaths of children and teens. In 2010, 2,694 youth lost their lives and 15,576 were critically injured by gun violence – the leading cause of death among African American youth and the second leading cause of death for children of any race. Our kids are 17 times more likely to be killed by a firearm than teens in other countries and are 10 times more likely to

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VIOLENCE: Video games train young killers

The recent random shootings and the attendant public comments appear to ignore an issue that has been escalating in our youth for 20 or more years.

In an effort for true realism, computer game companies have crossed the line by escalating gun violence. In many of the current games, the object is to kill other human beings; to emphasize that realism, blood is portrayed coming from impact area. The score is predicated on the number of “kills” made.

The industry, supported by the courts and lawmakers, claims that access to these games is limited by disclaimers, and further that access

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GUN: Nation endures yet another mass shooting

Here we go again – another mass shooting. Earlier this month we were considering going to war because 1,400 Syrians died from a horrific gas attack. It takes only 43 days to reach that number of deaths from guns in this country.

There has been a mass shooting on average every month since 2009. It continues unabated. Evidently, some death methods are more acceptable to us than others.

We need to have a genuine conversation about guns acknowledging that the NRA refuses to be a real player in this conversation. As a great American document declares: “We hold these truths

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TNT: Great picture, but bad placement

On Saturday’s front page is yet another article (TNT, 6-8) about another tragic, senseless death of an innocent person at the hands of someone with a gun. I feel so sorry for the family and the 12-year-old boy who now has to spend the rest of his life without his dad. As the mother of a 13-year-old boy, I know how important his dad is to him, and cannot imagine the depth of this boy’s grief at his loss.

As I turned to the back page to finish reading this tragic story, my eyes were caught by the large

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GUNS: What are senators waiting for?

Re: “Senate rejects background checks, other gun measures” (TNT, 4-18).

I am the mother of a son who was shot in the face while driving a neighborhood road at noon by a known felon with a gun and a desire to kill someone.

If a law-abiding person is threatened by a law that requires a background check for all gun sales, I question the reality of what a “law-abiding citizen” really means.

Will it stop all gun violence? Of course not, but it will make it harder to buy a gun for people who do not pass that check.

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GUNS: Background checks should be voluntary, free

I am opposed to the proposed required background checks for all gun purchases, as well as any more new laws to add to the already existing ones.

While I understand the reasoning and the desire to “do something,” it is still more government intrusion into an individual’s business that I and others have the problem with, as well as our ability to pass firearms on through inheritance to family members and friends or even as gifts – not to mention more taxation (fees) where there is none now.

The only way I can conceivably support this is to make it

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SHOOTING: People too accepting of violence

The level of gun violence we’re seeing now is extreme, and should be treated as such, not just accepted as part of the world we live in now. It appears that many people are becoming desensitized to what’s happening, but I don’t see how they could not react strongly to the reality of the terrible pain shown in the front-page photo in Saturday’s paper of the family of one victim, Alex Sullivan (TNT, 7-21). Alex could have been anyone’s son or brother.

How is it that assault weapons are legally obtained, and shouldn’t we find that shocking? This should be a time for somber

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