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SHOOTING: Change culture, violent video games

The nightmare in Newtown, Conn., has provoked an outcry for tighter firearms laws. Instead, we desperately need a change in culture and a change in entertainment media laws.

In my high school in 1950, a student’s vehicle might have a rifle or shotgun which enabled game-hunting after school. Indeed, one student kept his shotgun in a school locker because he and the shop teacher liked to go pheasant hunting. It never crossed our mind to shoot a fellow student, much less a teacher. The cultural attitude was different from today.

One big cultural change has been the movies featuring blood-spattered

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SHOOTING: Wait for the facts to come out

It is clear that Eugene Robinson (column, 3-27) doesn’t like Stand your Ground laws. It is also clear that he has jumped on the vigilante committee to hang George Zimmerman before all that facts are out.

It is sad in this world of instant gratification that we can’t wait for the truth to come out.