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SYRIA: Administration isn’t up to this challenge

Syria has been asking for it for 30 some years at least, but this is the only time I’m in favor of gun control: The Obama administration cannot be trusted to effectively fight this war.

Look at its past history of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS and NSA scandals, the train wreck of Obamacare and the narrowly dodged wreck of gun control. I would not trust these guys to honestly or efficiently run a church bingo game.



GUNS: No constitutional right to trade or give away firearms

The days of the homemade zip gun appear to be behind us. Nowadays, most criminals and wannabe criminals are using weapons that used to belong to good guys. How did they get them? Some may be stolen, but the vast majority get them from a good guy through a trade of some kind.

The Constitution says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. There’s no wording guaranteeing a right to trade or give arms away. Why allow it? Let every gun have a single owner. There’s no need for background checks after the first one because

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GUNS: Shameful failure to address gun violence

Re: “Senators ignore American public on background checks” (editorial, 4-19).

“Shameful” is an accurate word to describe the injustice dealt to the American people with the failure of the background checks bill in the U.S. Senate.

Some have argued that because requiring background checks wouldn’t put an end to gun violence in its entirety it simply isn’t worth pursuing. However, if passing legislation that helps secure the market for firearms can spare one innocent life, then there is certainly a purpose.

Without universal background checks, what is the point of laws that prohibit unfit individuals from purchasing firearms in

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GUNS: 2nd Amendment wasn’t an afterthought

In the early 1980s, Nancy Reagan started the “Just say no to drugs” program. Now two states have legalized marijuana. At the same time, laws were just starting to favor gay rights but same-sex marriages were a dream. Now several states have laws allowing same-sex marriage.

Whatever your position, these changes did not happen overnight. It was a slow, methodical progression of legal battles, minor victories and a change in public opinion. Now we have gun-control being fought over, specifically  addressing background checks. No one can understand the NRA’s feverish fight over something so small, but it is the first

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GUNS: Rights aren’t limited to founders’ era

Re: “Support access to 18th-century weapons” (letter, 4-23).

The writer suggests limiting gun ownership to what existed when the Second Amendment was written.

Does he feel this way about the other amendments? Should email, telephones and the Internet in general be banned? Should books and magazines only be printed using 18th-century technology?

The framers did not say the right was limited to muzzle-loading, single-shot weapons. I’m all for banning machine guns, cannons and bazookas along with guns for the incompetent. I’m all for a short waiting period and background check.

I do not need an 11-, 16- or 31-round

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SHOOTING: People control, not gun control

Much is being said about “common-sense” gun laws or demanding certain types of firearms be banned based on largely cosmetic features, or some arbitrary number of rounds that can be held in their magazine.

Let’s talk about common-sense people control instead. Ted Nugent has been quoted as saying, “If guns cause crime, then all mine are defective.” Mine must be, too, and about 300 million other lawfully held firearms in this nation.

You know what does cause crime? People? You know who go on mass killing sprees? People. You know what almost always comes to light? Untreated mental illness.


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GUNS: Problem is not the weapon

A few days ago, a football player in a national league team shot and killed his girlfriend and then himself.

As usual, the liberals are using the tragedy to condemn gun ownership, and, as usual, they are blaming others for this man’s violence. They are even going as far as to blame others for gun violence in the entire black community, saying it is a conspiracy by the National Rifle Association.

The truth is, if the weapon were not a gun, it would have been a knife. If it weren’t a knife, it would have been a bat. If it

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GUNS: Criminals ignore gun restrictions

It has been interesting to see all the anti-Second Amendment rights people call for more gun control since the Colorado shootings. If you look at locations like New York; Washington, D.C.; and other places with very stiff gun laws, you find that gun violence runs rampant. It seems the stiffer the gun laws, the greater the gun violence.

Why? Because criminals ignore gun laws just like they ignore other laws established to protect society. Responsible citizens disarm themselves to comply with the law, leaving the guns in the hands of criminals. It is much safer to commit gun crimes when

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