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BUDGET: Remember the disabled

Re: “Governor’s pen strokes launch $1 billion in public works projects” (TNT, 4-24).

Gov. Chris Gregoire made the right decision by including the Rainier School (a facility for individuals with developmental disabilities) in the recent capital budget.

Rainier School was opened in 1939 as the only such facility in Western Washington and has since expanded to a population of 370 adults. Without the contributed money, the Rainier School would likely close. As Mother Teresa, once said, caring for others should be a top priority because loving others is the best way to make a difference in the world.


MARRIAGE: Gregoire’s stance is welcome

Gov. Chris Gregoire is providing courageous and just leadership in her support for same-sex marriage (TNT, 1-5). Now the Legislature and the rest of us need to step up with our support. Making it legal is a matter of justice for all.

And it’s not difficult. Let the legal part of getting married be taken care of entirely at the courthouse. As couples now go there to obtain a marriage license to marry they would then go there and complete the marriage contract and be given a certificate of marriage. Nothing more to do: same for all, hetero or

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BUDGET: Welcome to the new normal

Gov. Chris Gregoire and our Legislature have now begun a special session to deal with their projected $2 billion deficit. They keep being wrong because they don’t get it.

Our nation’s economy grew at more than 4 percent for many years. It grew faster than developed countries generally do. It was done with leverage and more leverage. We were capitalism on steroids.

Those days are now over. We will now see a 1 or 2 percent growth rate if we are lucky. This is “the new normal.” We don’t need a temporary sales tax increase. We need a budget that

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BUDGET: Thanks a lot, Gregoire voters

For all of you that voted for Chris Gregoire, I blame you for this $2 billion deficit we as a state are facing. In 2004, our state budget was close to $23.2 billion. Fast forward to 2009 and our state budget was $35 billion.

Seriously people, quit voting party lines and actually do some research on the candidates. No, we don’t need to raise taxes. What we need is people in office who are fiscally responsible and know how to balance a budget.

There were whistle blowers saying that this budget was irresponsible and that we would face a deficit

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BUDGET: Get spending under control

Re: “‘No sacred cows’ in rejiggering of state budget” (TNT, 6-25).

What is the lesson here? That the only way to force government to live within its means is to take away its funding and force it to look at efficiencies that will reduce the cost of state government.

Polls show the public is sick and tired of all the spending. People line up to sign initiatives that will roll back recent taxes and reinstate control over the Democrats’ ability to raise taxes.

Costco will help the state get out of the liquor business, something our state Legislature should have

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BUDGET: State needs to make deeper cuts

Since 1999, the state’s total spending has gone from $39.4 billion in the 1999 biennium to $69.6 billion in the current biennium – an increase of 77 percent.

Since 1999, the state population has increased 14 percent. Since 1999. the Seattle consumer price index has increased 27 percent. Taking the 1999 spending amounts and factoring in population and inflation, we should now have state spending of $57 billion.

Instead we have $69.6 billion in spending or more than $12.6 billion more or 22 percent more than what population growth and inflation account for. On top of this, the state’s unfunded

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