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ELECTIONS: Why vote for ‘lesser of two evils’?

Is it time for a third political party to emerge?

What would happen if all those who say, “I voted for the lesser of two evils” actually voted for a third candidate who was their real first choice? My view is that it would challenge the rule of the two big-money-dominated parties now in power and restore true integrity to democracy.

The “lesser of two evils” voters’ rationale is that a vote for a third party candidate would be wasted and therefore contribute to the power of the party they most emphatically don’t want to have win. This rationale must

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ELECTION: Give Green Party candidate a look

I wish I could vote, but I’m only 17. I care so much about this election because it can be the difference between good and evil. The next time I’ll be able to vote, one of the candidates probably won’t be running again.

Who you ask? Barack Obama? Mitt Romney? No, Jill Stein.

You probably don’t know who she is, because I didn’t even know who she was. She’s a Green Party candidate who probably appeals to a lot of the public, but no one is aware of it because she isn’t in one of the main parties.

I think

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ELECTION: Major parties bought by Big Money

I wondered why I now have no interest in watching anything of the Republican and Democratic conventions. There was a time when I would be glued to the TV at convention time. In fact, in 1972 I was an Oklahoma delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach, Fla., casting my vote for George McGovern.

But now I could care less whether it is Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, because they are not the issue. The issue is who controls the Democratic and Republican parties; who controls the White House and Congress.

The answer is so clear now; it

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ELECTION: Not left or right but local

Does it makes any difference whether we vote Democrat or Republican? Really?

Neither left nor right offer real solutions. The left demands bloated union contracts and entitlement programs, but America no longer produces enough to sustain them. The right promotes unregulated corporatism, which kills miners, pollutes oceans, promotes bank fraud and speculates with middle-class savings. Both sides promise a revival of past prosperity.

But in 1950, America was the world’s only industry. European and Japanese economies were ruined; Chinese and Third World technology was nonexistent. Wall Street accumulated unprecedented wealth from American workers, who were without competition, while labor unions

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ELECTION: Green Party offers another direction

I agree with Thomas Friedman’s column (TNT, 6-21), except for one statement: “But there will be no third-party candidate” to push either party.

The truth is that we do have a third-party candidate for president who espouses a platform of changes that would be the “shock therapy” that Friedman describes in his book, “That Used To Be Us.”

The Green Party candidate for president is Jill Stein, M.D., a graduate of Harvard University. Read her platform at www.jillstein.org/text_psou about what she would do as president, and see how this would change the direction of our country.